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Published on July 1, 2014 um 16:15

Summary of your idea

To provide first class service to all our clients and professionals in the area of Resume Writing, Interview Etiquette, Job Recruitment, Career Guidance, Customer Service Training, Visa application and CSME Certificate Application assistance. We also provide advice and consultancy in the areas mentioned above.To ensure that all our clientele are satisfy with our reliable and uncompromised performance in meeting the goals and objectives of our clients and companys mission. Our number one priority and commitment is to offer at all-time a world class service that enables us as an organisation to meet the demands of our customer

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Therefore, with the service we provide to persons or students in career guidance they themselves will seek to share the knowledge and experience again in changing the socio- economic conditions of there lives, communities and to a larger extent our country.. Our team has taken the initiative to begin preparation for the registration of our business and the creation of a bank account and the establishment of a location for business. With the influx of customers presently and for future customers our team has already created and inventory listing to manage and document our services and customers necessities, request and needs to provide them with the best solutions to meet there criteria. In the mere future as we develop and progress as a company we hope to market CM solution through effective branding, quality service and originality will bring our company to the international level we hope to reach. Our budget for the first quarter should fall with the price range of $8000 which will cover not only miscellaneous items, but training, legal procedures, technology, documentation storage and risk involve. We firmly believe that these steps and milestones will aid in the establishment and success of our business. Also our customer service training will be extended to both the public secotr and private sector for persons to be better able to with individuals on a day to day bases

Plans for implementation and sustainability

A description of how you believe you can achieve the vision described in the prior field. Firstly, all project begins with thorough background research and investigation. As such, Creating Marketable solution will not only utilise ICTs but collect ground data through consultations with the people in need. We hope to partner with the government as well as private sector organisation to further expand our clientele Packaging and branding of our services incorporated international standards and accreditation while offering first class service to all our customers such as training and utilisation of companies product knowledge with customer friendly strategies.

Your profile

Kevin holder born december 30th 1990 in the beautiful twin island of Trinidad and Tobago known for its steelpan and sweet calypso music. His passion for innovation started at university when he saw the need for new ideas and information to be developed for creativity to emerge within his camous and country of as a whole.Observation has shown that there is a lack of knowledge and expertise amongst the normal working man. There is a number of individuals who are ignorant to the various jobs being provided and how best to prepare for attaining that job. Whether it be a professionally constructed resume or the best way to answer questions at an interview, each are important for future career development but yet sadly lacked to the ordinary man. Experiences have also revealed the blatant disregard for proper customer service in Trinidad and Tobago. Workers lack the knowledge and training needed to correctly deal with customers and how to adequately present the product or service being offered to their customers. Although employers appreciate workers who can adapt to different situations employee training is still a much needed service in the development of a well-rounded employee. As a group we have realized that the aforementioned is severely lacking. There was also a noted lack of knowledge on the part of the costumer on how to efficaciously apply for a VISA and CSME.

Stage of Idea

planning stage, start-up stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

environment, sustainable trade, youth, other:

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I would be interested in learning more about your operations and logistics. If the opportunity presents itself, my company would be keen on supporting your project by investing in your technology needs and help you create a market place.

Our fund invests in projects that promote skill development and employment opportunities. Please do get in touch with us.

Saleem Qureshi
CEO | Assessment Fund
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