Beekeping project in Tanzania

Published on July 1, 2014 um 17:01

Summary of your idea

The objective of this enterprise; 1.To raise the rural communities income through producing and sales high quality honey and bee wax with required standard at national and international level, 2.To build the healthy economic growth and transformations of lives of rural people 3.To conserve environmental by planting tree for both natural forest and man-made forest for locating beehives hence help in carbon sequestration. 4.To create stable employment to both women and men such as youths and elders through this business. This will be done by complete production and purchasing honey and beeswax from local farmers that will enable company to expand very fast. Also honey and beeswax production from its own beehives by operating various production activities throughout the year will lead to positive growth of company. This will be operated by one manager as the main supervisor of all activities and one person for marketing, financing and accountant worker. The centre have one building with two rooms; one for the processing activities of the products, and another for storage of the raw materials and processed products. Moreover the increase of the production from one season to another will create employment opportunities to other number youths as one of the enterprise objective and honey product will be source of nutritious food, medicine and sugar to local people and beeswax as raw materials for manufacturing of the cosmetic, candles, roof proof and medicine.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

At the first stage, The company targeted to start with 100 beehives and excepted to produce 1000 liters of honey and 5000kg of beeswax for period of six months.The number of beehives will increase up to 200 in second year after getting money and purchasing more land for allocating beehives.The local market and international market are targeted for purchasing honey and beeswax. Also, other different levels of markets will be searched in NGOs, Institutions, and other private sectors. The measure of evaluate the success will be measured by looking the number of litres of honey and beeswax produced per beehive by comparing market price of these products.If the operational cost is greater than net income for six months,it means this business is not good, but for me, i have done enough research and i have 90% of winning this business.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

In its effort of realizing the products present price of the products will considered as the market entry, The company will use most of visual adverts like T.V, Internet and Radio, trade exhibitions to get more costumers know about the products uses, importance, uniqueness in term of quality, quantity, price, availability and reliability.In order to get its competitive advantages to overcome the risk of existing and prospective competitors, The Company will progressively improve its production techniques so as to reduce the cost of the production effectively as possible. This will facilitate the enterprise to set the appropriate price of the products which will lead into down competition with other producers. Also, enterprise will often search and seek more the costumers specification in the design of an order is distributed and the delivery within or more than customers expectation, that will counteract arise threats from low price based competition. will offer its customers various volumes and weighted packaged products, e.g. honey will be packed in 0.25ltr, 0.5ltr, 1ltr. 5ltrsan 10ltrs while beeswax will be contained in 0.25kg, 0.5kg, 1kg, 5kg and 10kg. Continuous innovation and design of the new products is among of the companys priority at given market situations. I have planned to invest $1000 from my own pocket for purchasing beehives and other facilities for establishing this business. The company will collaborate with local and international conservation NGO's. In the business local communities will involve in beekeeping activities.

Your profile

I'm 26 years old. My professional is a forester and assure to produce honey and beeswax with high quality and quantity compare to those of local producers through using acquired knowledge, skills and experiences from my studies and field practical of beekeeping, silviculture operations, wood course and biodiversity conservation, also participation of various training courses which have been conducted by extensiolists in the district, consultations from SUA expertises especial Department of Forest Biology (Prof. RPC Temu) will influence the good quality and reach quantitative volume demand of the consumers. I have been motivated for doing this business due to the high demand of honey in the country while there is low quality and surplus which do not fulfill customer needs.Therefore i want use this opportunity gap by innovating this beekeeping activities by using modern technologies and I will win to run this business due to the I'm a forester by professional with enough knowledge and skills on beekeeping.

Stage of Idea

planning stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

environment, health, food security, poverty reduction, sustainable trade, empowerment of women, youth

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