PUKUMANG (Mangosteen skin Pudding)

Published on July 1, 2014 um 17:40

Summary of your idea

PUKUMANG a food product that maximizes business potential benefits typical of Indonesian mangosteen, mangosteen skin as a main ingredient. Where mangosteen peel is usually only become trash for community, due to the ignorance of the people to cultivate it. So that as the initial trigger production of making healthy food made from fruit processing typical of Indonesia, the mangosteen fruit, then the product PUKUMANG be beginning to open other businesses in the form of the together with different main ingredients, if you see that the potential efficacy of any fruit can be maximized. PUKUMANG will be product innovation raised the issue in the health aspects, social environment, and entrepreneurship, snacks that have high quality who are able to become healthier foods belongs to Indonesia and another country.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

1. Products healthy food with creativity and innovation with the principles of environmentally sound Social Environment that can compete with the products of other local and nonlocal. 2. Products innovation belongs to Indonesia to enter the international market and become one of Indonesia's specialties. 3. Products are able to provide employment to the people with the principles of Social Entrepreneurship to help the people who need jobs. 4. Products can obtain a business license from the Ministry of Trade licensed, as well as kosher stamp so as to widen the business wing. 5. Product-based healthcare to meet the needs of fiber and antioxidants consumers with a relatively cheap price. Spesific Impact: 1. For Students With this program is expected to be efforts to develop creativity and innovation in particular mangosteen skin treatment products to protect the environment from the accumulation of organic waste and provide healthier variants of environmentally sound products for the community. 2. For the Community This program is very beneficial to people in order to maintain good health and resistance to disease. This program could be a place for people to sell mangosteen peel waste they collect, thus becoming a new source of income. In addition, these products can assist the government in carrying out hygiene programs in Indonesia and improve the quality of environmental health, for the upper classes, the product can be a media to provide public awareness about the importance of keeping the environment clean.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

PUKUMANG a refined products to maximize the benefits of the mangosteen fruit-existing properties in the mangosteen fruit, including the mangosteen peel as its main ingredient. The resulting products will we give brand PUKUMANG (Pudding Skin Mangosteen). This brand emphasizes the main ingredients of the pudding-making so as to attract the attention of buyers. The steps used for future business development as follows: a.Planning and Implementation of Production Prepare tools and materials production Perform production planning of materials and labor Creating products PUKUMANG b. Marketing Strategy The marketing strategy will be executed using the two plans, the plan short-term and long-term. Short-term plan will be carried out to the students of the Faculty of Public Health (FKM), University of Indonesia by way of direct sales (direct selling) from one person to another. In addition, efforts to do is work together with KOPMA (Student Cooperative) both located in the Faculty of Public Health as well as other faculty and entrust PUKUMANG products there. This strategy can help us to better known products by the students and maximize sales in the Faculty of Public Health. As well as sales made through the media to facilitate the sale to the general public. Long-term plan is to enter the local market, and internationally. But this plan can only be realized if the short-term strategy to provide maximum results. Which is intended to enter the market here is PUKUMANG can be ordered by anyone both students and the general public in large quantities for consumption an event and others both nationally and internationally.

Your profile

Hello my name is Nisa Sri Wahyuni. Now, I am nineteen years old. I am a student faculty of Public Healh, University of Indonesia. Actually my motivation to join this competitipon to improve my entrepreneur skill because now I had been trying to be an entrepreneur.

Stage of Idea

start-up stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

environment, health, sustainable energy, food security, youth


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