Second Chance

Published on July 1, 2014 um 18:28

Summary of your idea

Second Chance is an innovative social business project that aims to give a second chance for unemployed women to be independent, for clothes to be renovated and for people to recycle, donate and change their mindset about secondhand clothes. We aspire to establish a store managed by underprivileged women who will redesign and sell vintage products in affordable prices. 1-We will collect donated clothes. 2-We will train unemployed women to become professional tailors. 3-We will provide these women with utilities to renovate the clothes. 4-Finally, we will sell these clothes in our store and online. So far, we have carried out a comprehensive feasibility study and accordingly designed a budget proposal and a business plan to potential investors in a group of 10 students; tested the idea through the implementation of a 3-month pilot project and organized a 10-day workshop where 5 unemployed ladies participated and were taught basic sewing skills by a professional tailor.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

In our project, our target customers will be people of different classes since our product will be oh high quality and affordable in price. So, basically Outlet stores and classy boutiques will be our competitors. However, what differentiates us from them is that we have a cause. We are helping women get jobs and changing mentality of people to buy secondhand clothes/items and help saving the environment. Regarding age target, since our product will be a variety of items (hats, scarves, hoodies) age doesnt matter! Our unique fashionable items will attract people of different age groups. Moreover, based on a survey weve done in Beirut (Hamra), a lot of people accept the idea of buying secondhand items if they are fashionable. As for our donors, we can target school and university students, emphasizing on our environmental and social aspects of our project, thus encouraging them to donate/buy secondhand items. Moreover many stores like Bargain Box throw away clothes that need to be fixed. We can make use of them (sustainable source of clothes. The prices of our product will range from 10$ to 50$ .There should not be a loss in our project concerning the unsold items since they would be unique, different from the ones in other stores, and can be sold almost at any season of the year. Even if there is a discount on the items, we still wont be losing a lot of money. In addition, we will be focusing on online promotion since it showed a great results so far. It is expected to be able to produce 300 items starting the first month and then this amount would increase which will provide us with a sufficient amount to display in our store and online as well as to compete with the growing market.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

-We will collect the donated clothes from schools, university, stores -To encourage clothes donation, well give lectures at schools and universities to explain about our project. -We will also distribute clothes donation boxes across these places. -Meanwhile, we will organize free workshops and a fresh graduate fashion designer or tailor will be in charge. -All unemployed women interested in learning sewing skills are welcome to attend our regular workshops. This will give them a chance to pursue other jobs as well. -Some of these women will be selected as employees based on their talents and high performance during the workshop. Theyll be given regular salaries + additional money on items sold and social security. - Once the clothes are collected and stored in a warehouse, an employee will be in charge of the selection process. -Clothes than can be reused will be washed or sent to the drycleaner, then to the women to renovate them at their homes into fashionable items such as bags, hoodies, scarves, hats, placemats, patched covers... -Those that cant be reused will be washed and transformed into stuffed animals or anything cute and sold or donated to shelters. -After the items are ready, well display them online and in our store in affordable prices to sell more. It is important to mention that these items would not only be fashionable and attractive but also there wont be a specific size for them which means a wider range of customers. We are a group of 10 students of different majors but we still need professional collaborators majoring in marketing, finance, sales The startup cost is about 167,000 $ the first year and we need a financing source who can be either a collaborator or an investor who will get his money back in 3 years.

Your profile

Hikmat Al Khansa (23). I am a senior Medical Laboratory Sciences student at Haigazian University. I am passionate about social entrepreneurship and want to make a positive change in this world. I am also planning to pursue Master's in Social Entrepreneurship. I have participated in a series of leadership and entrepreneurship training and workshop sessions, Haigazian University towards the creation of a social project (9/2012-present) delivered by Beyond Reform and Development where I have carried out a comprehensive feasibility study and accordingly designed a budget proposal and a business plan to potential investors in a group of 10 students. I have tested the idea was tested through the implementation of a 3-month pilot project where a 10-day workshop was organized and 5 unemployed ladies participated and were taught basic sewing skills by a professional tailor. Second Chance took part in the Social Entrepreneurship Competition 2014 and won First Place in addition to most innovative idea.

Stage of Idea

start-up stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

environment, poverty reduction, sustainable trade, empowerment of women

Second Chance wins the Social Entrepreneurship 2014 Competition

Second Chance Exhibition

Second Chance workshop

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