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Summary of your idea

Snake bite is a major menace afflicting the savannah region of the world especially West Africa; Gombe Nigeria. There are over hundred species of poisonous snakes in Nigeria which commonly bites the populace leading to severe pains, health complications, paralysis, and in severe cases death. This has lead to the phobia of snake generally. In some towns in northern Nigeria, it is estimated that hundreds of people die each year from snakebites. The snake bite victims have increased over the years. This has moved us over the years as a family to develop a snake repellant known as Snakeaway. Snakeaway is a white granular substance that effectively repels snakes we successfully formulated an effective product which can be commercialized as the active ingredients are available abundantly. Our company will be a manufacturing industry that will produce this highly effective inescapable snake repellant. The product is safe to use, easy to apply, effective and has a 3 months efficacy. The Snakeaway granules is spread around homes, offices, farms, schools, churches, mosques and other places to prevent snakes from entering.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The idea will reduce snake bite in Nigeria thereby improving the health status of the nation and reduce mortality rate attributed to snake bite. The incidence of bites has been reported as 497 per 100,000 populations per year with a 12 percent natural mortality. Bites occur more often while victims were farming, herding or walking although the spitting cobra may bite victims who roll upon it in their sleep. . Our product Snakeaway will bring a significant reduction in the number of snake bites in Nigeria. Snakeaway product will aid to save millions of Naira spent every year on treatment of snakebite. Snake bites are common in this part of Nigeria, with the Snake Bite Treatment and Research Centre, Kaltungo in the State, receiving 10-11 patients daily. The Gombe State government has signed a N495 million contract for the construction of a 250-bed ward at the Snake Bite Treatment Hospital, Kaltungo local government area of the state. The commercialization of the product will entail running a manufacturing outfit which will create employment and reduce poverty in the country. Lastly, snake presence has always instituted fear in the minds of people. The use of snakeaway by the populace will create peace of mind and bring better life quality as they are sure that snake is far away from them.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

We plan to set up the factory for the production of snakeaway at Igugu in Udenu local government area of Enugu state. The building for the business is already available so we need fund to purchase machines and raw materials for the production. We shall employ over 20 staff when we get the fund to be engaged in the production and packaging of the product. The product will be marketed all over the country which major target on areas that are highly prone to snake attack. The cost of production is relatively low due to the low cost of locally available raw materials. This will enable us to sell the product at a relatively affordable price with reasonable profit margin for the company. As the demand for the product increases, more people will be employed to aid in the production, packaging and marketing of the product. We shall seek for contracts from government, NGOs etc to subsidies the product for the rural areas. The good profit margin, high turnover and very good expert management will enable the company to expand over the years. We aim in two years time to export our product to other parts of the world where snake attack is a major menace. Lastly we shall continue to research and improve the efficacy of the product.

Your profile

1. I am Chinwero Obinna from Igugu in Udenu local government area of Enugu State Nigeria. I was born on October 2nd,1990. I am a graduate of Enugu State University of Science and Technology Enugu with Bs.c in banking and finance. I have a good financial and management skills. I have always had passion for manufacturing but due to lack of fund I could not start. I am currently working with Rosemega Enterprise where I am the financial resource personnel. I was part of the first recruit of this company which gave me the knowledge of start up and growth of business. This knowledge will help me if I win this fund

Stage of Idea

planning stage

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environment, health, poverty reduction

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Good of the people and ultimately improving the health of Nigerians.could be used else where.