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Summary of your idea

Mothers alternatives: mutual collaboration and integration. A service among families living in Naples and immigrant families. The project is a babysitting service for children of immigrants, by mothers of the host country, which teach the language and local culture. The immigration rate in the city of Naples has grown significantly over the last decade and consequently the population changes its appearance, becoming multicultural, a real melting pot. At the same time, many of the immigrant families residing in the city, for business needs, have difficulty in combining engagement with the private life and then increasingly has the problem of caring for their children. Based on the knowledge of the area and sporadic already existing experiences, it comes our proposal. It is a service offered by resident households, especially Neapolitan housewives who care for the immigrants children. For a fee proportional to the number of hours devoted to this work, the children of immigrants can part-time grow up in a native family, learn the language, customs and traditions, without losing sight of its origins and integrating since their childhood among the local population.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The expected impact is twofold: to create work within the Neapolitan families (target: young unemployed women) with economic difficulties and at the same time the idea works on social integration of new generations. A good impact there will be if the start-up of the service will be accompanied by a good promotion, so that the idea will be familiar to anyone who wants both mothers as baby sitter and working moms who come in contact through the community and exchange information in a smart, friendly and innovative way. Finally, the impact will be measured by consulting the appropriate statistics of the municipal offices regarding the percentage of unemployment of the identified target in the area involved in the project. Another important impact will be measured along the time evaluating the situation at school of the children accompanied by the local mothers. The project is expected to overcome language barriers and environmental problems for the children and should help their school progress. To measure this impact we will check the results at the end of the school year and compare them with the average for the immigrants children in the city.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

The project will start locally based in the city of Naples(South Italy) where some similar activities are already ongoing mostly in the Chinese minority which is giving their children to the cares of local mothers. The approach is very easy and clear and, after an experimental phase, it will be possible to define a standardized approach which will be scalable in all countries, especially where there are problems of racial integration and where women have less job opportunities or are totally devoted to their families, only to housing and child care. The presence of a community on the web makes the project potentially open to all those interested and the idea behind the project proposal can be shared widely and independently everywhere, administered by several local branches with a contact person who would be responsible for managing relationships and the signing of contracts. All European countries can be involved and participate.The idea will have economic sustainability if it would have a good and massive start-up, helped by institutional advertising. The service and the consequent registration to the community will have a fee for access at the service to be paid by the help applicants. Then everyone who choose the service will have to pay a price in proportion to the work of the baby sitter, measured in hours devoted to children. The fee will be not so high and it will be needed to guarantee the quality and reliability of the baby sitting. Also on the web community there will be the possibility to add ads and sponsorship banners that can help economically the initiative.

Your profile

The idea born from an youth association named Sagapò of which I'm the president(I'm 27 years old). Sagapò is a non profit, non governmental organization operating for development of the intercultural and inter-religious dialogue in the Neapolitan area and in several yers tried to develop acitivities and project for the comunity especially for children, young unemployed peolple and women at risk and a deeper integration among local and immigrant community in the city of Naples. We partecipate with the idea also in the last social innovation competition and be part of the 30 semifinalists form all Europe.

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage

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empowerment of women

Mothers Alternatives

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