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Summary of your idea

Randal venture fund, is a company that will work with the growth and development of youth and women. This will be done through the provision of financial and other services. For example; Advertising, marketing, franchising, company validity, talent identification and development and planning. The companys aim is to harmonies youth and women SMES under one principal body to better increase its of its major goals will be to help youths, turn their talents in to successful business How do you solve the Zambian youth unemployment? And increase women participation in business. This is what Invest Africa is here to solve. How this will work is like this: by a number of companies coming together, and contributing a small amount. This will help the organization have its own capital. This money can be accessed by its member companies upon a unanimous vote by the board of directors. This board will consist of 5 members with a term of 2 years. These directors will be picked from leading business minds both locally and internationally. Upon the successful consideration of a members proposal, the member company will have to adhere to the companies management programmes.{implementation programmes} This will not only increase the likelihood of success to the business but also the successful return of the loan at a profit to the company. Even more importantly the company will help the youth / women change their idea of No education no livelihood A member company can only withdraw a limited amount of money for per year. This will help the company become an investment point. Housing a number of people with different fields of interests. Our members will be marketed at both local and international level. We hope to become an investment reference company in Zambia.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The company hopes to have a great impact on the youth and women. This will help the two categories in the following way: for the youth ; it will create employment. This is because despite the low level of education in Zambia, everyone has a talent or a skill that can be successfully market to better ones life. so, instead of remaining jobless, they can pursue other ways in entrepreneurship to start their life. In the case of women, they can no longer just be called house wives. But also gain a sense of independence by owning their own business and help their respective house holds. Women in Zambia have so much to offer the world, however, they are seen as an investment risk. Invest Africa will work with them to change this perception. The target groups will firstly be educated youths; with a minimum of a high school qualifications. And in regard to the woman, the company will look at women with good business ideas/ those that are running struggling business. The company will measure the success rate using a number of ways. Some will include; the an increase in youth and women participation in entrepreneurship, number of start ups are coming to the market, How well the members follow and creatively execute the implementation plans. This will be key to help the continuation of the company and its growth. Also, we will conceder how members increase their market share in their respective industry. This will help Zambia develop because most Zambian business only operates at a local level. However this can change be invest Africa marketing its members as a whole to the international market. And the two target groups are the most profitable but at the same time the least marketed by governments.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

The company is redolent of how the world bank/I.M.F works, but this will be done in an African business environment. The company will follow a business model like that of the two mentioned institutions, because this will act as guarantee to our members in terms of transparency and accountability. Also the idea of a rotational board will give equal opportunity and benefit from the knowledge of leading business men and women both internationally and locally. The financing source is also a unique aspect of the company. The members will have to pay by minimum fee. Then, the members also pay for other services and products offered by the company. A quota system will also be introduced. This will act as the members borrowing power. The (quota) will be a members voice. More like the way the U.N works. However, in our system this the quota can act as an investment ticket into other member business or a key to other services will offer. The company has the following plans of implementation 1. Secure office space and open for business within four months 2. Sign 10 clients within the first 5 months of operations 3. Sign 30 clients first year Tasks Obtain license and permits Set up operation utilities e.g. computers, phones, etc. Recruiting clients- sale team The company hopes to start up a minimum budget, and to be self sustainable through product and services sales to pay off any loans / operation costs and paying the staff. The company will strive to collaborate with both local and international partners. This will help our targets; get the best of both worlds.

Your profile

My name is Randal Musayesa. I am 27 years old. I am currently waiting to graduate with a degree in international relations and Development. It is because of this back drop that I have chosen to write this idea. Further, I have a greater understanding of the environment in Africa and the world. Aside from this, I have immense passion to see Africa take its rightful place on the world stage, by painting our own picture of what Africa is.and what opportunities governments will not market to the world. Some of my qualities include pursuit of excellence. This is done by not sticking to old and out dated ways of thinking. However, I In co-operate both western and African ways of thinking and doing things to achieve maximum value. Also, I respect and do not discriminate people of different ethnicity and religions, but I try to learn and understand diversity. My company is at complete idea state at the moment however, with minimum funding it will be ready to start soon

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage, planning stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

poverty reduction, empowerment of women, youth

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