Mazi mia Agkalia (Together a Hug)

Published on July 2, 2014 um 15:37

Summary of your idea

Strange as it may sound, there is nowhere in Greece a campsite exclusively for People with Special Needs. This campsite is unique not only because it addresses exclusively to People with Special Needs, but, it also provides them the opportunity to choose on their own the appropriate period for their holidays from a range of options. Particularly, our services are: Holiday packages for standard periods during the year (3days, 7days and 15days) which address to People with Special Needs mostly in our country. Rental package for any available days during the year for everyone, especially schools and institutions from other countries. The campsite could also be used for additional activities from the local community and not only. Additionally, what makes it unique is the area, Leptokarya, where it is located, as it combines the view of the mountain and the sea, offering a variety of activities.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The aim of our business plan is to establish a new campsite for People with Special Needs. The name of the campsite is Mazi mia Agkalia which means together a hug. This name reflects our goals which are to provide an environment during their holidays where they can cooperate with each other, socialize and improve their self service. Also, this hug refers to the acceptance of People with Special Needs from the local community.What played a major role for us to create this SCE was to enhance people with special needs by giving them the opportunity to go for vacations in an appropriate campsite and also to contribute to the local communitys development. This development can be created by providing new jobs for the unemployed of the local community who are registered in Manpower Employment Organization and for students training. Also, by achieving an increase in the tourism rate from newcomers and creating partnership with local authorities so as the society accepts us and it will be willing to engage our project. All the factors above contribute to the sustainability of the campsite because it addresses a gap of the market with a diversified service.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Mazi mia Agkalia is an innovative Social Cooperative Enterprise (SCE) of Social Care. The initial capital is 155.000. The 80.000 are from members contribution and the other 75.000 are from fundings/subsities. Also, we are going to rent the facilities and make the changes that they have to be done to welcome the People with Special Needs.

Your profile

The owners of the idea are Christos Kechagias and Kyriaki Christoforidou. We are both at the age of 22 and we study economics in the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Our business plan took the 2nd place in the competition of the International Conference of Social Entrepreneurship: A tool for addresing local development, youth unemployment and social needs which took place on 10-11 June in Heraklion,Crete.

Stage of Idea

planning stage, idea offered for implementation by others

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youth, other: People with Special Needs

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Bravely go toward! I encourage you.