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Published on July 2, 2014 um 16:14

Summary of your idea

We might never deny the important of young citizens in every society. However, many Vietnamese youngsters have tended to adopt culture from other countries in a misleading way. This fast-integrated process has made their life hurried and they accidentally lost the value of life. The social interaction between people has also deteriorated sharply. Meanwhile, whether Vietnam flourish depends on the communitys unity. From my own experience when I got trouble and do not know how to solve it, I had an idea to build up a healthy community where Vietnamese young people can rely on and support each other. Through the camping at the weekend, we have opportunities to come closer to nature; share our lifes problems. Therefrom, we can nurture and encourage our humanity gradually. We will not feel lost anymore and participate in activities that will bring out the latent power of individuals. Moreover, I will invite many foreigners (or English native speakers) to attend Fresh Up. They definitely want to discover Vietnamese culture via traveling and communicating with the local people. On the other hand, the Vietnamese youngsters will also have much more chance to pratice speaking English with them.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

My idea is based on the desire to contribute to Vietnamese society. In addition, I want to provide a special mental service for young generation. With the rapid development of the technology, there are also many young people who have passion to discover the value of life. They need an environment with helpful activities, the companions who share the same opinion, same aspiration to learn and complete each other. From there, after a strong personal development both in mentality and psychology, they will convey this positive experience to other peers. The community will become a strong and popular influence. The trip is not only an entertainment but also a short-term training to harness the power of the inner spirit. By combining the tourism sector and psychological treatment that has already existed, this type of picnic will be a UNIQUE, new experience for Vietnamese youngsters. It is a combination of many factors: Domestic (the camping is held in Ba Vi National Park) with International (speaking English with foreigners and other Vietnamese), Meditation and Mindfulness (not using technological devices such as phones, laptops, etc.) and Practical activities (putting the tent up, playing games together, etc.).

Plans for implementation and sustainability

My project is divided into 2 parts. The first one is the short-term goal. According to this kind of creative tourism, I will hold the camp once per week for 20 members through marketing it widely on social media websites. The location is a national park near city area (around 1:30 driving). There will be instructors who guide participants about how to prepare and design their trips in their ways. This helps young people to discover themselves and do what inspires them. My target market is young people, the people whose life goals are undecided, or those who are feeling lost in life. The second one is the long-term goal. I will offer this activity to all schools in Vietnam with vast concepts that are designed suitable for all age range. One last thing in this project is that I do not need to have so much capital in advance. The visitors will pay reasonable, especially for students. Only 15$ included a lunch, bus fees, entrance fees.

Your profile

I graduated from Hanoi Open University 2 years ago with Tourism qualification. I have worked in the hospitality industry before but I really want to run my own business that is involved in community service. I absorb in mentality and spirituality so I often spend my spare time to do charity work with friends. I like doing creative things so it might be perfect if I could do something to develop myself as well as help others. At the moment, I am a founder and admin for Vietnamese Youth Union on facebook ( This page is a big house where every Vietnamese young citizen can join and share helpful information to each other. However, I understand that I need to learn how to start-up and run my project professionally then I can do my best and achieve the success. Finally, I come from a small country in Asia but I really want to take part in this competition to have a chance to enrich my knowledge. That is such a huge dream for a bright future!

Stage of Idea

start-up stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

peace-building , environment, education, health, youth

Body - Mind - Soul

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August 1, 2017 20:41

In every society and every community social cohesion is important for development as people can learn to rely on and support each other.and again,everything begins on our minds as it is what sends the message to the body.I say big up and good luck to you

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