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Summary of your idea

VDCEC NIG LTD is a civil engineering firm which intend to specialize in consultancy services, project supervision & quality control of construction materials. It main objective will be to check-mate the incessant failure of construction projects within a shortest frame of time through rendering quality services, strictly to world approved specifications, techniques & procedures which in turn reduced extra cost/barred further re-execution of already completed projects. In its approach, it intend setting up a world class civil engineering construction laboratory fully equiped with the best apparatus for all civil engineering construction tests.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

It will employ most qualify personnel (not only in education qualifications but in mind and capability) to handle specific area of it operation. And also assist its host community in it capability.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

VDCEC NIG LTD have no financing source & collaborators at the moment. But it needs grant from well meaning individuals, organisation, banks and government at all levels

Your profile

Life span of any civil engineering construction projects depends fully on the quality of materials & techniques used in the execution of such projects. Proper guiding, supervision & examination of the construction materials will help in extending the life span of the project And it will also reduced/barred re-execution of completed projects and the fund mapped out for such re-execution channeled to something more meaningful. It motivation came as result of the incessant failure of construction projects within a shortest time frame And many such failures occured as result of improper guiding, supervision & improper/none examination of the construction materials. I believe its ideal will streamline & help out in such regards.

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

education, sustainable trade, other:

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