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More than one billion people have no access to health care systems. A significant number of these people live in the poorest countries in the world, but lack of access is also a problem in the western world. There are people everywhere that do not have access or cannot finance their medical needs. Our aim is to bring a smile to patients and connect them with their counterparts who are willing to help but don´t know how. We connect patients with their own society. We see the non-profit sector old and disconnected from donors. Technology is the key to connect people and overcome hurdles in scalability. Our product is a global crowd-funding platform focused on healthcare that enables patients that cannot afford medical treatments to connect with their own society and the world. The platform automatically creates profiles for those in search of financial support for treatments or surgeries and makes it easy to make direct donations. Furthermore, these profiles provide transparency into how your donation will be used and actually help someone. You will also receive updates about the person you chose to support and the eventual outcome of the treatment. To further incentivize donations, Balud offers 100 per cent of the donations it collects from the crowd to those in need. Our goal is to have a global impact while acting locally, and to achieve this we will dig deep in the real problem of every country. Treatments eligible for Balud funding have a high impact, and are financially out-of-reach for the patient in need. Balud is not a charity. We are a non-profit start-up on a mission to provide access to a fundamental human right, health.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

We connect people. We intend not only to finance medical treatments. We want to be the connection between patients and donors. There is a large invisible distance between people charities care for and those who donate money. This happens since most donations come from western countries, while health charity takes place mostly in the poorer countries of Africa, Central America, or Asia, which donors have never visited or can relate with. We want to narrow this distance by connecting people that live in the same or similar societies. We are transparent. We rely on a 100% model, where every single donation goes directly to patients.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

While it is difficult to catalog a non-profit as financially sustainable, we believe that this a paradigm to be changed in coming years. In our case, we want to focus enhancing the process through which we connect people in need with people that want to give, as way to maximize our impact and patience & donor experiences. We believe that by being successful at attracting donors and proving our concept, we can capitalize on our technology to provide valuable services to both private sector and other NGOs. 1) License technology: Several companies in Chile run internal fundraising campaigns to financially support employees without adequate medical care coverage. We intend to leverage on our technology (platform) to offer companies the opportunity to professionalize and efficiently manage their internal fundraising campaigns. 2) Charge medical partners for financing service: As we grow our donor base, we could charge medical partners a fee for providing them financing to their patients. 3) Optional tip: While we are not considering charging a fee over donations, we intend to add an optional tip option on donations. Whenever a donor is finalizing its donation it will have an induced option to donate an additional 10% to Balud. 4) Health insurance: The boldest and longer-term move.

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My name is Ana and I am 26 years old. From my university studies in translation to my current career in social entrepreneurship, I have always looked to do what I love. As a child, I have always been interested in almost everything, and that is why I have a very varied background. Even if it was hard to know what my passion was, now I know with this project I have found it. Guided by a passion for what I do, I will try to create innovative solutions to social problems. Lately, my most significant accomplishment has being realizing how people suffer because they can´t afford basic medical care that others have the knowledge to treat. The world faces some pretty daunting problems, and conventional approaches simply aren't sufficient. We need new solutions that combine the best of the nonprofit, for-profit, and government sectors to make large-scale, lasting change. That is why i decided to create a team with the same values and start Balud.

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