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Summary of your idea

The main objective of this idea is to utilize land as a widely available resource in alleviating poverty. Farming in Kenya is still largely done using traditional methods leading to poor yields. The introduction of new technologies, seed varieties and professional interventions will be key in our operations. My desire is to see people enjoy the Green wealth is around us. Land owners that are willing to collaborate will be requested to register with s a small fee to indicate their willingness. After that all farm operations will be taken over by an expert team. The team will conduct soil tests and decide on the best crop for the given region taking into considerations the test results, market opportunity, weather and climatic patterns. While this is happening, the owner will be enjoined as a farm manager earning a stipend until the crop matures. The owner will be involved throughout the stages to ensure that by the time I will be handing back the project, he will seen the benefits of new and advanced methods of farming. The Green-wealth organisation shall have three departments; Research and development, Quality Assurance and a Marketing department.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The target is to make sure that land owners who were previously engaged in traditional will have learnt and adopted new methods within two years. The first measure to evaluate success is to use approved accounting documents throughout our operations and later calculate profit using the same methods. During the second year, the owner of the farm will be let to mange the whole process of crop management alone as an exit strategy from the farm operations. The farm must make a profit before I leave.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

I will work using a very simple business model. Initially we will seek funding to mange only 10 acres. the initial operations in any registered farm shall be solely handled from the Green wealth organisation offices. the operation cost will then be recouped from the farm in addition to half of the profit generated. the owner shall be given a stipend for managing the farm on a monthly basis until the crop matures. This will be done to cushion the farmer in case the crop fails.the profit recouped shall be used to expand operations until we reach as many people as possible. The initial source shall be sourced from financial institutions, government facilities and donors. I shall seek to collaborate with the Ministry of agricultural, Ministry of Gender, Youth Enterprise fund, Agra Kenya, Horticultural Crops Development Authority and other Government and Non-Governmental organisations engaged in poverty alleviation through agriculture.

Your profile

I'am a young man of 26 years. I have Bsc in Communication and PR and currently enrolled for a Masters degree in Development Communication. I'am also a person with disability (PWD) having undergone an amputation as a result of a road accident 2 years ago. My motivation to try this line is because there are a number of urban and rural youths that are greatly disillusioned due to the lack of jobs. This has a potential of translating to increased crime rates. PWDs are facing greater challenges accessing jobs. While all this is happening, there are hundreds of thousand of underutilized farms in the country that can be used as a double edged sword. First, to create employment and second, to alleviate hunger and increase food production. In the course of trying to find a solution my own challenges, I have also come across mindboggling information that can lift thousands out if poverty through farming. This is my main motivation.

Stage of Idea

start-up stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

food security, poverty reduction, empowerment of women, youth

Mike during a Kenya Model UN conference

A cabbage farm. These are some of the projects I intend to undertake

At Radio Kisima working as a radio presenter.

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