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Summary of your idea

Introduction: Plastic is one of the most popular and useful materials of modern times. Its popularity is part of the problem .We now use about plastic-fold from the previous. However, we can improve the lifetime of plastic by re-use and recycling of many elements as often as possible. Plastic bottles can be found anywhere on the earth. In fact plastic bottles are useful so that any food or drink liquid product can be found almost sold in plastic bottles. Plastic water bottles are becoming a growing segment of the municipal solid waste stream especially in Palestine . For the reason water salinity suffered by the people but not limited to salinity, but also on the lack of cleanliness and therefore they are going to buy a large amount of plastic bottles of water contrast, There's no factories to recycle plastic bottles , which should be available in our country to preserve and protect the environment and disposal of these items in healthy and friendly way. This process considered a new idea which not implement in our country before. Recycled plastic bottles are part irreplaceable in our lives. They are lightweight and unbreakable almost when used for the purpose designed. This is also the reason for the plastics industry and plastic bottles represent a significant portion of the waste generated in the community. But bottled water is considered harmfully and unhealthy to the environment . Objective: Making plastic bottles source environmentally friendly by recycling and produce new materials and products from the existing bottles. Activities: we have three activities which use to create new materials from existing materials: 1- Collection and sorting the existing water bottles. 2- reprocessing the materials into something that is usable. 3- produce new materials and products which ready to buy by consumers.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Target: Plastic is a popular and useful material but we use a lot of it. By optimizing the lifespan of plastics by reusing and recycling to produce new items as many times as possible, by recycling used plastic bottles into new ones, we can reduce our need to create new plastic. This means we can: 1-conserve non-renewable fossil fuels (oil), recycling plastic water bottles helps to save natural resources, specifically oil, which is a nonrenewable natural resource available only in limited amount. 2-reduce the consumption of energy used, Creating new materials from existing materials uses significantly less energy than using raw materials. 3-Saving of Landfill Space. Using the old bottles for produce new ones (reduce the amount of solid waste going to landfill). 4- Recycling reduces pollution and preserves the environmental condition. The energy saved in producing new goods from recycled materials goes a to support global climate change. 5-reduction greenhouse gas emissions by recycling plastic water bottles we can decrease the greenhouse gas emissions which lead to decrease the amount of pollution in the air and water sources. Measures to evaluate success: 1-More recycling Recycle plastic bottles results in reduce the amount of solid waste going to landfill , which mean saving of landfill space .And Conserving resources and reducing consumption (to reduce the flow of materials and energy consumption). 2-cleaner environment recycling plastic water bottles helps to decrease the amount of pollution in the air and water sources: 1-Recycling lead to cleaner roads, parks and beaches. 2-protection of agricultural land and places of throwing waste. 3- protection of the environment from toxic materials and emissions. 3- Create job opportunities Recycling more means more jobs, Where they are providing many job opportunities for many people at many positions in the recycling industry, collecting, processing and manufacturing materials.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

The main value of the recycling idea come from make profit from different aspect we aim not only to make economical value but also to make a cultural and environmental values, oureconomic value come from collecting old plastic bottles recycle them and sell them as new plastic bottles at competitive price, the environmental value raises when we contribute to reduce the amount of solid rubbish, last but not least the most important value is the cultural value, the community in Palestine suffer from recycling culture we want to spread this culture among the Palestinian people. We will manage to do some research to get information about how many plastic bottles are available for recycling, after that we will identify our target markets i.e from whom we will collect plastic bottles. We will relay on different financial resources most importantly Local municipalities ministry of health, ministry of education more over we will cooperate with the banks and the environmental organizations also the international organization which work in Palestine like UNRWA ,UNDP may help us in implementing the project. We believe that our project will provide job opportunities and help a lot of poor families in addition to that the positive effect of our project on the environment is very valuable.

Your profile

We are Mai Jamal Al-Tahrawi and Mais Jamal Al-Tahrawi, we are twins and we are twenty three years old (23) from Gaza. I am Mai the team leader hold a four years Bachelor in Business Administration from Al-Azhar University in Gaza which considered to be one of the Best University in Palestine. I was born in Qatar and raised in Gaza strip. I appreciate this opportunity to provide further information in support of my idea for participating in the competition. During my time at the university I have developed interest in international project management. However, I wanted to combine my interest in this area with other knowledge I had. This desire resulted in participating as volunteered in the E-wash project at save youth future society, which I have obtained in August, 2012. As Volunteer I was involved not only in day-to-day activities indicated in a project description, but I was enjoying the opportunity to apply the experience I have got. One of my most favorite responsibilities was the establishing of new business contacts with foreign companies. The work was so interesting and exciting I realize the highly competitive demands of the competition, but I also believe that I acquire enough educational background and skills, ambition and motivation to cope with the requirements for a successful attitude. I would be honored with being accepted. Thank You very much for considering my application and for your time! Sincerely Yours, Mai & Mais

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conceptual stage

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environment, health, sustainable energy, food security

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