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Summary of your idea

Chiky is mobile application that target female youth in developing countries. It provides information on female reproductive health and other diseases affecting females, socio-cultural topics affecting women, access to female specialist clinics. Its also provides a forum where female can share their experience in life, relationships and at work place. Also the app provides information on where to get legal help.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

With women empowered in terms of information on their health, legal and the experience shared by other females we believe that it will help them know more about diseases that affect them and how it can be prevented,cured or treated, make informed decisions and also know where to legal advice.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Chiky is self funded. To sustain development of the product we intend to partner with advertising agencies who will advertise products specifically for women and children in the application. We will also partner with health organisation which focuses on women empowerment to provide us with content.

Your profile

My name is Vincent Sortoh. I come from Ghana. I am 29 years of age. I obtained my first degree(Bsc.) in computer engineering in 2008 from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology . Immediately after my first degree i pursued a two year software entrepreneurship which i completed in 2010. I am a hands-on, developer, database administrator and applications support manager with rich experience in designing, programming and testing software and application deployment across a variety of platforms. I have worked on numerous projects from concept to completion. I take pride in coding to consistently high standards and regularly refresh my skills to ensure I keep up with ongoing developments. My strengths include Object Oriented Programming, Mobile Application Development, IVR/VOIP Applications Product Requirement and Functional Specification, IT System/Infrastructure Design Web Application/Web Services Developments, Product Training, Business and Technical Presentations Value Added Services, Database Design and Modelling & Administration, Server Administration

Stage of Idea

start-up stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

health, empowerment of women, youth, other:

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July 11, 2014 00:24

The idea is good for us in this particular part of the world as people and needs to get it started.Pray you win