Aforestation for Wood and Carbon Credit

Published on July 3, 2014 um 13:01

Summary of your idea

The major cause of global warming today is depletion of greenhouse effect owing to deforestation. This practice by man in under-developed and developing countries is because of Poverty and lack of knowledge on alternative means of wood production for income and home use. In our country Nigeria, 90 per cent of our forest has been depleted, more than 50 per cent of the forested area in Nigeria is found in Cross River State of Nigeria. This reserve is ending the State millions of dollars carbon credit from World Bank which has prompted the state government to band logging of wood for private and commercial purposes, but little have the Government achieve in preventing inhabitant completely from going into this forest to log wood for money since they failed to addressed poverty from the scratch and did not provide alternative means of wood production for income and private uses. This business will use modern farming practices to regenerate a forest in a deforested piece of land for wood and carbon credit which will in turn create wealth, jobs and income. This project will plant trees and leave for short duration, long duration and as reserved trees (matured unharnessed trees). The short duration trees will be allowed five years before cut for making particle wood and paper mills while longer duration tree will be grown for fifteen years and above before cut to produce hard wood. Wood cut at any given time will be replaced immediately at the ratio of 1:3, which is every one tree cut at a time; three will be replaced or planted to continually increase our reserve trees. This project seeks to maintain between fifty thousand to one hundred thousand matured trees as reserved subject to increment but can never be depleted at any given time.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

This idea is unavoidably and primarily geared towards building a forest that will sanitize the activities of man that emits carbon into the atmosphere which will in turn serve us with Carbon credit which is still part of the income will expect to make. This project which is aimed at providing alternative means of Wood production for home consumption and commercial purposes. It will educate and sensitize inhabitant and government on how to produce wood for personal consumption and income without destroying natural forest and forest reserves This idea is going to produce raw material food particle wood factory and paper mills which will in turn create wealth, jobs and income for economic advancement This project will in no time help people imbibe the culture of forestation rather than deforestation as obtainable in time being. It will also urge government to go into funding inhabitants to cultivate private forestry project just as they do in normal crop farming as an achievable alternative to logging reserved forest.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

We will partner with communities for large expanse of deforested land for an affordable price, partner with government for financial support since they are already involve in semi intensive tree planting and they are also our channel of getting our carbon credit. We wish to plant trees as much as possible to produce wood that will meet our target on daily basis. We will also partner with factory that can harness our product to finish goods.

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My name is Egbe Abraham born on 28th August, 1984 at Igbo Ekureku, Abi Local Government Area of Cross River State of Nigeria. I hold a Bsc in Botany at University of Calabar and certificates on business seminars and trainings on entrepreneurship. Presently, i'm the President/Founder of IMPACT ECONOMY GROUP an NGO that is into youth entrepreneurship mentoring, capacity building and job creation. I'm also the managing Director of yheong-yheong foods.

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