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Published on February 26, 2014 um 17:41

Summary of your idea

In-visible Heroes is a project that started 5 months ago. It has an ingenious plan and a clear goal. To Increase Global awareness towards the Greek culture through a community where Greeks themselves promote their values and share their experiences with people from all around the World. In-visible Heroes is a realization of our ancient ideals. A couple of months ago I went on a day trip in Naoussa. There I met a middle aged woman named Maria who is the owner of a local winery. She invited me there for a tour even though she didnt know me. She told me about her origins from Pontos, how her grandfather loved the vineyard, how he managed to raise three generations with it and what was so special about the grapes. She made me feel like I was in a different era where people look AT you and not THROUGH you. Where hospitality, love, family values and appreciation for what God gives you predominate. There are very many local companies in Greece like Marias that have a great story to tell and an amazing experience to share. Young people around Greece (and worldwide) can live the Greek experience through such traditional destinations. This is beneficial not only for the younger generations who learn about their roots but also for travelers who seek to experience the real Greece. Local family companies on the other hand have the opportunity of Global exposure by telling their stories and giving the chance to other people to get to know it.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Greeks will learn and live their founding principles and ideals that revive through the ones who never stopped believing in our culture, foreign travelers will be introduced to the core of our values and local family companies and individuals will have the opportunity to develop through Global exposure of their products and destinations they live in.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

The concept behind making this happen is by engaging a group of young photographers who voluntarily will use mixed media in order to capture and promote the uniqueness of every single inch in Greece. Not by promoting the product but people who have something unique to say. We estimate that after six months we will be able to publish a ready-made experience guide (website) that will give the opportunity to inbound and outbound travelers to learn more about our culture but promote it in the same way. After this six month program we target to engage people from all over the World who will seek Greek stories and promote them back in Greece. In this way we will manually create a large database of our founding principles that are applied in the modern times. Our future target is to give those stories to the public as an opportunity to live them as experiences and get a gist of our culture.

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Our team consists of 4 talented photographers and two marketing graduates who daily talk with people in Greece in order to unveil their stories, anxieties and frustrations, give them the right to raise their voice. Last week we had an express of interest from 24 young people in the age of 18 35 from all over Greece in participating in our project. Our current communication with the audience we are targeting is made through Social Media where we have 3600 followers that are growing rapidly day by day.

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planning stage

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education, poverty reduction, cultural diversity , youth

The real monuments of Greece are people!

We unite People/Stories/Greece

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