FreedomX - An E-Commerce platform to help end human trafficking

Published on July 3, 2014 um 13:12

Summary of your idea

FreedomX will be an e-commerce platform for fashion designers, brands and start-ups who want to fight human trafficking by selling their products under the FreedomX label. Whenever consumers engage with FreedomX to buy products and services a portion of profits go directly towards our partner NGOs and businesses to help with the restoration, skill-equipment and employment of victims of trafficking. Vision: The vision of FreedomX is to end human trafficking throughout the World by engaging and unifying the Global Marketplace with social organizations and Government bodies. Crowd-Employment: Crowd-Employment is a process where socially responsible consumers intentionally engage with products and services from FreedomX because: - They desire to see victims of trafficking being employed as a result of their business transaction - They like the quality, design and price of the FreedomX product that benefits them as a consumer. For example Socially responsible consumers in Milan, Italy love Freedom X designer wear and so they purchase it with a goodwill intention to contribute towards helping anti-human trafficking efforts in India. Priya (anonymous name) is a former trafficked victim after being rescued by a Freedom X partner NGO. Priya always loved making pretty scarves from a young age. Now, some profits received from the purchase of designer wear in Italy, empowers Priya to start making and selling her scarves.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

To create a sustainable environment where everybody gains where businesses thrive while being socially responsible in contributing monetarily and also by helping with skill-equipment for victims of trafficking. To provide opportunities for employment of victims by successfully implementing the process of Crowd-Employment. To conduct large-scale awareness programs for people in Third world countries educating them about the tactics used by traffickers. To ensure that future generations live in healthier economies by regulating inequalities of income targeting the affluent consumer to purchase luxury or premium essential products and services to help the trafficked victims live a better quality of life.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

The FreedomX business model has been designed in a way that the society, economy and our living environment benefit from each other. FreedomX works through the model of G10T90 which means give 10% and take 90% of profits. 10% of profits received through sales of FreedomX products goes back into FreedomX and the left over 90% of the profits are taken by the respective business. The reason for this percentage distribution is to enable more brands sell their products under FreedomX so that they are able to sell their products, give back to the community and build goodwill towards their brand. From the 10% received of each product 6% of profits go towards our partner NGOs/Skill-Equipping businesses to fulfill the functions of FreedomX. 4% goes towards FreedomX operational and administrative costs so that FreedomX remains sustainable to operate as an effective social business model.

Your profile

My name is Jonathan Michael and Im a 23 year old Entrepreneur, Business & Visionary Consultant from Bangalore, India. I also work as the Director of Recruitment for a Business Consultancy firm out of Bangalore, India called Versys Consultants and Services. I have won an award called the Transformation Entrepreneurship Award from the Business Development Center, Bangalore for my passion towards seeing culture transformed through my clothing line called Jon Michael/JM. My goal is to enable people find their purpose in life so that they too can also provide solutions and strategies to make this World a better place.

Stage of Idea

start-up stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

education, poverty reduction, sustainable trade, empowerment of women, youth, other: Ending Modern Day Slavery

This is a picture of the photo and video shoot that we had of Ellior Swan designer wear - A brand that will be selling it's exclusive wear under the FreedomX label (From left to right we have Jonathan, Irene, Aditi, Arun, Shamaila, Shashank, Teena and Tessa)

Tvakh is a brand that makes premium handcrafted leather goods. This is another brand that is passionate about societal transformation that will come under FreedomX

This image is to show our collaborations with partner NGO's, Startups and Businesses that are coming alongside with FreedomX to help end this evil of human trafficking.

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I am #15. Applaud, guy!

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