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Summary of your idea

Our venture aims at improving the income of the low land holding farmers and their quality of farming in India. Today these farmers are facing many problems in obtaining credit for their agriculture equipment , seeds, pesticides, storage and transportation facilities. Our idea comes up with a solution for these problems. Our venture makes the farmers, part of the company, with their land as collateral for the cropping season. We lease out the necessities of farmers like equipment, seeds, pesticides etc, according to their requirements. The experts of the venture guide the farmers regarding the crop to be grown and traditional, profitable methods of farming. They also decide the exact workforce required for farming for productive result. The other workers in the same sector will be working for other activities like transportation , maintenance of storage houses that are collaborated with the venture. The final crop is sold when the market price is high and the company takes its share of profit which is the revenue for the company. Thus it helps in improving the income of the farmers and obtains profits for the venture as well.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Our idea shows a positive impact on the farmer who holds smaller pieces of land and low capital. Our plan helps the low land holding farmers to get rid of paying high interest rates to the local money lenders. Our venture proves more advantageous to the farmers when compared to the banks; banks give credit on the value of the property pledged where we keep them as collateral but do not finalize the amount on its basis. Besides the monetary support the guidance, equipment, seeds provided by us etc they can reap good crops and subsequently good profits. In India, though the farming sector is providing more employment opportunities the productive work of the farmer, the collective workforce involved in farming and the contribution of the members of the farmers family is wasted since their work does not add value to it. Our venture proposes to employ the same work force of the same sector in other services like transportation and maintenance of storage houses etc, in a productive manner. The farmers also have a chance to sell their crop only when the market price is high, without their crop getting damaged. Hence overall income of the farmers and their family is increased.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Our venture initially collaborates with the low land holding farmers and keeps their land as collateral. We also have an expertise department for surviving on the place of establishment of the venture and also for guiding the farmers on both traditional and modern ways of farming. We invest basically on equipment, pesticides and seeds. Equipment will be rented to the farmers. Initially, we provide transport and storage facility to the farmers, by hiring from third party. Our source of establishment is our own capital, loan from banks and external credit (for equipment, pesticides and seeds). Our income will be from the revenue generated by collecting rent from the farmers for the equipment. This is certainly a sustainable model because in countries like India ,most of the population depends on the agricultural sector, which is the largest provider of employment even today.

Your profile

We Suraj, Krishna Priya, Mridula, Tulasi ram,of age 19,are pursuing our graduation(ENGINEERING) in India. Farmer suicide cases have become more common in our country,due to economical harassment from the local money lenders.So we taught of coming up with a business model to save our farmers, who provide food to our country. We have passion towards business and also have a vision to develop, protect our country's traditional occupation. We are working with a nonprofit organisation in our place, through which we have interacted with many such farmers who are facing these problems. So we have come up with this idea, which can be a better solution to these problems.

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

poverty reduction, sustainable trade

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