Eco Roof for Green Future

Published on July 3, 2014 um 15:25

Summary of your idea

Dhaka City in Bangladesh is largely our common community. Situation of this mega city is getting worst day by day owing to severe pollution in numerous forms, extensive urbanization and industrialization. High-rise buildings and sky scrapers are many in numbers. We are think of targeting roofs of a communitys apartments, buildings, housings or even the offices to be filled by gardens. The surrounding air of that building will be fresh, temperature will be lower, atmosphere will remain cool, birds-butterflies will appear (ecology & eco-system rotation), climate change will be controlled, air pollution will be reduced and aesthetic needs will be fulfilled in consumer level.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Reducing carbon-di-oxide & reduction of a number of polluting air particles and compounds Reducing urban temperatures & energy conservation Acting as a sound insulation barrier (Green roof with 12 cm substrate layer can reduce sound by 40dB) Using urban waste/ recycled materials for roof garden thus helping waste disposal Eating healthy & Living green with nature

Plans for implementation and sustainability

The following points shall be maintained to reach our goal- 1. Convincing owner of the buildings to render their roof 2. Sharing the profit of roof gardens with the owners of buildings 3. Profit can be made by selling fruits and vegetables grown on roof gardens 4. Making the owners aware of the environmental impact of gardens on them and society as well 5. Directions will be provided by garden experts under our supervision. It will be year after year, generation after generation practice. Continuance of this practice shall make Dhaka city eco-friendly after 5 years like China, Japan, South Korea, USA.

Your profile

Member-1: Khairul Islam, Age: 23 Student of LL.M. Faculty of Law, University of Dhaka I am an active organizer of seminars connected to human rights exercise fields. Last 2 years, I, along with my law mates arranged, hosted and participated dozen of leadership events. Present involving line-up includes: ILO Project, Bangladesh; National Human Rights Commission; Action Aid; Bangladesh Law Association; Bodle Jao Bodle Dao Legal Blog part; research activity with Dr. Farmeen Islam, Law professor, D.U. on Labor Code BD and Trade Unionism, ICRC Translation project with Azharul Islam Habib, Assistant Professor of Law, D.U. : UN Women Campaign to end gender violence : Imparting numerous seminars with ILO+ NHRC : BSCAN (Bangladesh System Changes Advocacy Network), promoting demands & rights of disabled people : Ethics Club Bangladesh, member & representative of Law faculty, D.U : BJBD (Bodle Jao Bodle Dao), raising awareness on social issues & stigmas : Nawab Ali Jubo Sangsad, motivating youth & fresher at university level Member-2: Asaduzzaman, Age: 23, Student of LL.M. Faculty of Law, University of Dhaka

Stage of Idea

planning stage, start-up stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

environment, food security, poverty reduction, youth

Assessing the environmental possibility at the peace seeking conference in 2012

Search for Green

Youth Org Team after conduction awareness building camp

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