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Published on July 3, 2014 um 17:49

Summary of your idea

1. Working in impoverished and high risk communities ridden with unemployment, school failures, substance abuse, domestic violence and high crime; it has become apparent to me that there is a lack of self mastery. There is a general veil of hopelessness which has lead to a low standard of living for the young and future generations. This is a project that will expose people living in these areas to key leadership principles, self development and economic capacity building. I believe that if we can approach these key areas creatively, the people are inspired to tap into their creativity hence purpose, to enhance their own knowledge, build a thirst for functional homes and can be empowered to use creativity to increase productivity in the communities. Access to positive role models within their demographics through wilderness leadership camps with CEOs and Managers. The project will be using alternative therapies which have been proven to increase mental capacity such as NLP, hypnotherapy, mindfulness, yoga, transcendental meditation, music etc. After the first stage the participants will be invited to skills training in hand crafting up cycled corporate gifts. Designing and printing creative business cards, diaries (also using recycled material) which will be the profit making leg of the business. There is an opportunity for growth in skills training in hospitality, social enterprise, leadership coaching/facilitation, motivational speaking, entrepreneurship, practioner of modalities the beneficiaries resonate most with offered in the programme. There will also be opportunity for trained participants to get enterprise development and start SME from skills learned and thus become suppliers for Creative Craft.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

2. At the first stage: journal-ling and psychometric assessments will be used to measure success of applying tools learned and if modalities have had a change in relationships with self, at home, work or at school. Academic and work performance will also be monitored through a rigorous feedback system. The second stage success: examinable training, success in producing products and success can be measured in number of start ups from Creative Craft. Profit generated by profit-making leg to sustain not-for-profit leg. Intervention and systems will be evaluated and impact driven so that the model can be replicated by other community members from other areas, provinces or African countries.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

3. The business is a hybrid model. One leg being a not-for-profit that targets people from poor semi-urban areas. The other leg for-profit that generates income through strategy, branding and leadership consulting for smaller business and NPOs, skills training and product development of creative, upcycled corporate gifts for sale. Corporate networking events. Approach government for seed capital or perhaps raise money through social enterprise fellowships, foundations or competitions. Capacity building and enterprise development from SA Corporate companies.

Your profile

4. I am 29 year old female turning 30 at the end of the year. I was born in England, grew up partly in Lesotho and South Africa. I was a high achiever in high school as a result was awarded Academic Honours. I then applied to UCT and got accepted for Business Science degree. My life took a downward spiral in university, the learning journey, as I felt that what I was doing had no social impact and that I would not be able to effect social change in Africa in the corporate industry. As a result of this confusion I struggled to integrate my university life and went on a mind shifting journey of figuring out my purpose and passion and how I would make a living from it and empower others at the same time. It is at this point that I really started to interact with the poorest people of the country and I realized that there was so much emotional damage which impacted productivity and generally the standard of living. As I began to experiment and research more about alternative ways of emotional healing, manifesting and mastering self for my own economic shift I felt that there is a gap in the impoverished communities for this type of self work and leadership training. I feel this project would enhance an individual's chances of reaching the true potential and thereby increase their economic productivity with the hope of eradicating poverty and creating higher standards/norms for future generations for a new world without strife and that is self-sustainable. This way the government can concentrate resources on other matters that can profoundly shift South Africa from a developing country to a first-world country.

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

peace-building , environment, education, poverty reduction, empowerment of women, youth

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