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Summary of your idea

This idea is a hydraulic Ariete(Ram) with high efficiency, walls of filtration and water purification.Our idea is to create a system of providing very low cost and high efficiency to purify water in populations with unsanitary conditions who are remote geographically or there is arid climate. Consists primarily of harness the energy head by difference of heights for that by means hydraulic pressure and lift water to points where subsequently be distributed to the communities more needy of the vital liquid.This idea is in various stages of development.STAGE1: The inhabitants of the communities will be trained on issues of hydraulics and so assist in the construction of the hydraulic Ariete and high efficiency filtration walls form to reactivate collective entrepreneurship in the humblest communities, their spirit of belonging and social framing in an economic and sustainable development awareness. STAGE2: The hydraulic Ariete system does not require energy and fuel your installation and operation is the application of physical and hydraulic properties of water in rivers, lakes, springs, rain water to be captured and raised by hydraulic pressure and then stored temporarily in strategic points to be then supplied by a network of driving to the humblest communities that are without water suitable for consumption.STAGE3: Knowing the high costs of drinking water and that poor communities do not have the sufficient economic solvency to pay. We are going to develop a system of walls of filtering in the housing communities were installed where conventional filters internally on the walls. made with recyclable material and filter components are effective and inexpensive such as sand,gravel and anthracite. The Filtered water will be elevated from the walls of filtration by a hydraulic ram home to the roof of the houses to be stored in tanks and be disinfected to then be consumed by people.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Stage4. Develop for arid climates a system that takes advantage of water rain and water present in the air humidity that condenses at its dew point, to which we will develop a roof captures fog for take the condensation of water in the humidity of the air, for then pass to filtration walls through a few channels to the walls of filtration and then be elevated to the ceiling for disinfection by a little hydraulic Ariete in the house. THE EFFECTS EXPECTED OF CARRYING JUST THE IDEA of this project as main objective and raison of be, is to carry a social and human development each community with the implementation of our work can 1. Help people more needy communities more poor and remote in any part of the world have the right to water.2 Achieve economic development since with a water supply activities can be undertaken as to agriculture with leads each community can have own power and just have a commercial revival of agricultural products activate so its economic system and social.3.In execution, construction and operation of a system like ours in countries of armed conflict as in Colombia, africa and asia can show that needs more important can be met and to reduce social inequality.4 That these populations to become involved in the construction of their own systems of hydraulic ariete and be trained in areas of environmental and hydraulic engineer of the water allows young people, women and children, it relies of the armed actors and have their own initiative with its community to have a better quality of life.5.The people in the communities to have drinking water for consumption and see how turns its social fabric and economic supervise the care and management of water resources and the environment for sustainable and equitable development.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

To carry out the entire process and development must execute step to step the project idea as such and to involve the inhabitants of the communities to build, operate and maintain the hydraulic ariete with high efficiency and the walls of filtration for that with our team made up of environmental and civil engineering professionals and will convert to communities the human capital and the core of our idea 1 Search private organizations and public national and international arranged to sponsor our idea through financial donations, human support, or logistics of materials. 2 Empower communities in as is build and operates a hydraulic ariete, as elaborates a filter conventional how to disinfect water and how to keep in good operation throughout the supply system. 3 Locate the places where water can be extracted is a small river or spring to capture the water with the battering ram of high efficiency which will increase the power and pressure head and raise water to temporary storage points, if not find water use water rain and the present in the air humidity with special for its catchment rooftops. 4 Design the walls of filtration which is installed standard filters that will be developed in recyclable material such as plastic bottles donated by individuals and companies in big cities. In these bottles anger internally sand gravel and anthracite which will be the filter which then will be part of the wall as a small filter system where pass the water altogether. 5 With the training given people develop their home Rams which can raise the filtered water tank disinfection on the roofs of their homes, and so the water fell by gravity and will be suitable for consumption. 6 For times of dry weather and little rain where sources such as rivers and springs are scarce develop ceilings which take advantage of the waters rain and water from moisture in the air at their point of sprayed and so in each home store this water for activities more vital as food processing. 7 For the sustainability of the supply system our team goes to socialization, awareness and accompaniment programmes so that the inhabitants of the communities that previously did not have water to appreciate its importance to have the vital liquid and protect their water resources do not back them scarce. 8 Establish the control for the evacuation of residuals waters by a network or a possible treatment of these to take advantage of their organic chemistry, of phosphorus and nitrogen to fertilize impoverished soils of these nutrients.

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Geasan is an informal and nonprofit organization with a social reason of promotes the health, environmental management, and social development for most poor communities in Latin America and the world. This idea was born for that in our work have found many humble communities of our country Colombia who by their geographical location and the conflict haven´t access drinking water, additionally they do not possess the economic ability to afford all the infrastructure that is to build a drinking water plant and an aqueduct. So in our country, and knowing that in various parts of Latin America, africa, asia and oceania are suffering the same problem we think of a solution.The staffs constituting our Pyme are young technologists environmental and civil entrepreneurs wishing to take advantage of the current Colombia peace process to bring solutions to people more needed to achieve a social equity. 1)Marlon Herrera, founder of the Organization, and director of civil and environmental projects 2)Daniel Zarate director of designs 3)Manuel Alvarado of planning director 4)Yasmin Pineda Director of social and community work 5). more than 20 volunteers from universities and foundations that assist us directly and indirectly in direct and investigative work. We are ratios that greater social progress is to fulfill the universal right to access to water and cannot have life without it. This idea does not require hundreds of thousands of dollars to run, any contribution is the difference between social segregation and justice to run it could save lives of children who die from gastrointestinal diseases by consuming water of poor quality or starvation because there isn´t water to grow food. The Water is the principle of being of the people and civilizations. It is a duty for those who have the physical and monetary means to achieving compliance with this human right.

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conceptual stage, planning stage

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peace-building , environment, education, health, sustainable energy, food security, poverty reduction, elderly, sustainable trade, cultural diversity , empowerment of women, youth


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