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Published on July 3, 2014 um 17:53

Summary of your idea

The main objective is to support youth from every layer of society during their job search. Inspired by co-working, a shared working space will be set up, where individuals engage themselves to be present once a week, during working hours. The youths perform perform job searching-related tasks like writing cover letters of looking for vacancies for themselves. But they do this in a social context. The purpose is to create an atmosphere which stimulates interaction, exchange of knowledge and experience, giving feedback to each other etc. Because of the regular planning (once a week) and the social interaction, Search Community sustains motivation during the job searching process. Furthermore it provides a space where they can look for a job without any pressure from the government and where they can process their learnings from coaching trajectories. There is no top-down or obligatory coaching in Search Community. If they do ask for support there is an employee who provides information, can forward them to experts or even invite experts to e.g. rate everyones CV and provide feedback. The above activity is called the Search Field. After working hours the Search Bar opens. This is a community-driven bar where anyone from the neighbourhood can have a drink. This activity aims to stimulate a community between jobless youths and to create interaction between the groups who come on different days of the week. Furthermore they become integrated into the neigbourhood and the stigma on jobless individuals may gradually dissapear. By providing this platform to any youth, whatever his or her background, there is interaction between different layers of society. They are all united around a common problem, being jobless. And through dialogue they can help each other and better understand the others situation.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

*Increase and/or sustain motivation during the process - Number of sollicitations per week - Self-indicated motivation and effects of participation - Number of absentees *A more qualitative process - Feedback on participation and ones comfort in the group - Self-indicated increase in knowledge of the process and advantages of participation - Amount of time until a participant finds a job - Rating of the help provided by the employee - Evaluation by partnering organizations (who e.g. coach the participants with few opportunities and low schooling during their job search) *Build a community - Number of volunteers for the Search Bar and Search Community in general - Number of clients (from Search Field and the neighbourhood) in the bar - Self-indicated progress of social network

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Search Field and the Search Bar ideally take place in the same building, the working space can be transformed into a bar. Depending on the strucutural financing found, the type of location can be altered from. Renting office space, using empty houses, partnering with youth-run neighbourhood bars which are unused during the day, partnering with co-working etc. The Search Bar is a volunteer-driven bar, for which the volunteers will mainly be found in the Search Field. This bar should make a profit, which will co-finance the Search Field. Search Field will be financed by the Search Bar, through marketing (for e.g. coaching and interim organizations), through participation fees (fixed 100 payed when a job is found, can be subsidized for youth with few opportunities) and subsidies. 1 employee will be hired to manage the Search Community. Over time, the Search Bar should become completely volunteer-driven. Also many supporting tasks in the Search Field can become volunteer-driven If successful, the concept can easily be replicated. In the long term the Search Community should become completely self-reliant, without a need for any kind of subsidies or donations. The aim is to generate income purely through value creation for stakeholders. But how this will effectively take shape will be seen once the project becomes more mature and its effect is proven. To start, subsidies will be necessary.

Your profile

I was born in 1990 and I went to high school and university in Leuven, Belgium. I graduated in 2013 as Master in Business Engineering at the KU Leuven. During my university education I became more and more engaged in social causes. I have been a volunteer in a youth organization for 5 years now, I was part of the Visitation Committee of Business Engineering in 2011-2012, I founded my own youth initiative under the European Youth in Action programme with friends, I am treasure keeper of my karate club, I was during one month and a half replacement for the finance manager of my youth organization, I am youth expert and assessor for the European Erasmus+ programme, I followed an 8-day course in North-South development from the Belgian Development Agency and I have just finished a voluntary internship at Oksigen Lab. Oksigen Lab is funding, accelerating, coaching, incubating and researching organization creating an ecosystem for social entrepreneurship in Belgium and Europe. It is during this internship that I got the inspiration for Search Community. My broad set of experiences and general drive to create a better and sustainable world is what enables me to make this project a success. I have experience in management, volunteer leadership and in youth work. Furthermore I have a good network in the youth field and in social entrepreneurship on which I can rely.

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

cultural diversity , youth

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Hi Bram,

I would be interested in learning more about your opreational and logistics. If the opportunity presents itself, my company would be keen on supporting your project by investing in your technology needs to helpthat you create a market place.

Our fund invests in projects that promote skill development and employment opportunities. Please do get in touch with us.

Saleem Qureshi
CEO | Assessment Fund
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