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Summary of your idea

The company operates in the field of counseling on goat husbandry and more specifically on goats' breeding and nutrition, financial management of the units and marketing of the products (milk, meat).The consultancy services offered by the company are addressed to farmers with goats from indigenous breeds and the corresponding manufacturing units. In the first case, farmers are provided with advice on breeding and genetic purity of their animals, with a plan of controlled genetic crosses. Also a grouping system is introduced to the farmers with contract farming. In the case of manufacturing units, the units are given tested and certified raw material of superior quality, guidance towards the production of a new and certified product as well as assistance in finding new customers-buyers. Innovative elements of the company is the link between a product and a specific breed of goat, since it is the first time in Greece that a product will be associated with the specific breed of the animal from which the raw material is taken. Additionally, forming an AOC is also an innovation as in the past only groups among farmers and producers have appeared, the early indications from which are rather encouraging.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

In Greece are breeding extensively more than 5.000.000 goats (the biggest amount in Europe). However, the magority of them do not belong in a pure indigenous goat breed apart from Skopelos breed and there is none goat certified product. Almost the hole quantity of goat milk is mixed with the one of sheep for the production of the famous cheese FETA, loosing that way it's unique identity.This unique identity results from it's nutrients and the organoleptic characteristics derived from the endemic vegetation included in the goat's feed each area's. Taking into consideration the willingness to pay for quality food products and the imports of foreign goat products, GoatSeek, as a conculting enterprise, set the target to create new innovative goat products CONNECTED to the breed or the area of breeding(as the company is directed to advice the farmers to breed their goats in a geneticaly pure way and in each specific area the goats bare more resemblance to each other). As a result, the Greek rural finance will be significantly improved using, upgrating and highlighting it's own rich resources.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

On the top of the company chart is the General Manager, who coordinates and controls the two sectors in which the company is then divided; Services for Breeders and Services for Manufacturing Units (grouped in customers) .The company follows a correlated diversification strategy, as its activities include the primary sector (goat husbandry), the secondary sector (manufacturing goat products) and the tertiary sector (consultancy). The activities in these areas are diverse but interrelated. Additionally, while the company initially has the expertise and creates protocols for genetic improvement of domestic Greek pure goat, later intends to do the same for other animals, which differ from goat, but belong to the class of livestock. GoatSeek's income is : 1) 30 euro/year per farmer (20 euros for the AOC services - 10 euros for advices on breeding and genetic purity), 2) 1,5% royalties on the new goat product, 3)other (secondary)consulting servises Finally, from the financial analysis conducted and given modest assumptions, the net present value (NPV) of the firm is valued at 43,602 euros. The investment is considered viable, since the internal rate of return (IRR) for the first five years stands at 22.93%. Finally, the repayment of the investment (Payback Period) is completed in less than four years. At the bottom line, the required investment capital does not seem prohibitive, while reducing risk and supporting sustainability within the first two years can be supported by European and international organisations for the agrobiodiversity conservation.

Your profile

I am Melissanthi Gkatzogia 23 years old, from Greece. I am studying Agriculture Biotechnology in the Agricultural University of Athens and in the past, as part of my training, I have worked on microbial biotechnology and population genetics. I was member of IAAS (International Association for students of Agricultural and related Sciences)and I have also taking courses on strategic planning of agriculture and food enterprises that ended with the drafting of a buismessplan. As far as my idea is concern, I think that nature provide us with plenty of special resources that we should improve sustainably in order to create a green finance. In Greece we have a magnificent genetic richness (flora-fauna)and since my country had always, except for the last decates, a well-developed primary sector, I strongly believe that this is the way of Greece to recover from crisis. In my opinion the moderm enterprises and the young scientist should follow this direction.

Stage of Idea

planning stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

sustainable trade, cultural diversity , other: greek rural finance

greek goats of no indigenous breed

a rare (almost extinct) breed among others...

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