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(Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), Down syndrome, mental retardation and slow learner by using the latest interactive technology such as KINECT and Prompt Buttons (PROTON). PROTON is an additional hardware that is specifically designed to help the therapy. CAKRA is developed with the supervision of autism expert, Dr. Illy Yudiono, who is also the owner of CAKRA Autism Center Surabaya, Indonesia. The research and development of CAKRA has been started since February 2013. During the research, we actively engage with children suffering from autism to help our experiment. CAKRA has three main features. They are: A. DIAGNOSIS, CAKRA have 2 types of diagnosis and a quick scan to provide data for therapist helping them diagnose whether someone has autism or not. Autism Diagnosis using ATEC (Autism Treatment evaluation Checklist) standard which was developed by Autism Research Institute. Based on the result of this diagnosis, CAKRA will inform the user about the actual level of the childrens mental diseases and classify them into several categories. B. THERAPY, CAKRA has 3 stages of therapy: 1. Basic, works on the childs concentration. 2. Intermediate, introduces the surroundings through a simple interaction with numbers, objects, fruits, animals, and words 3. Advanced, introduces the surroundings with more advanced interactions. C. REPORT CAKRA provides reports of the childs progress in 4 different fields, which are: 1. The development of the childs autism level. 2. The development of the childs communication, social, cognitive, and behavioral abilities. 3. The development of the childs ability in specific months. 4. The childs achievements checklist on each therapy

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The marketing targets of CAKRA are: 1. The owner of autism foundations. CAKRA can be used as an interactive media therapy and makes processing the patients development data easier. 2. Parents or close family members of the person with autism. CAKRA can be used as an additional therapy method at home. 3. The government. The majority of people with middle and lower income who cannot afford formal therapy in therapy centers usually attends therapy in free inclusive schools or schools for children with special needs that are maintained by the government. In order to make CAKRA available for those schools, we need to establish a connection with the government, especially the educational department. 4. Communities. People with lower income mostly would never bother giving their child a proper therapy. So far, children with special needs get their needed therapy from non- profit child observer communities. That is why we also want to reach out to them and support them with CAKRA.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

There are 2 kinds of product we will distribute on the market. 1. Software, which is the CAKRA application. CAKRA comes in 3 editions which are: Home edition, Community Edition and Therapist edition. 2. Hardware, which is prompt buttons (PROTON). One set of PROTON is sold for $50. We also sell each button separately in case of damage, so that the user only has to buy one component, not the whole set. One main proton is sold for $30 and the other is sold for $6. Marketing Plans Our marketing plans are: 1. Introducing CAKRA through social media such as twitter, facebook, g+, instagram, and also our own website. 2. Introducing CAKRA by collaborating with communities and organizations, both domestic and abroad. Also actively participating in social activities regarding autism and other disabilities. 3. Introducing CAKRA by actively communicating with researchers and special needs children observer. Our current partners 1. Therapy centers : CAKRA Autism Center, Yayasan Bunda Autism School, and Galuh Handayani Inclusive School. 2. Communities : Young On Top, Surabaya Menyala, Puterakembara (Autism Parent Support Group Community consist of parents, professionals, and observers from Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, America, Africa, and Middle East). 3. The Government: The Directorate General of Higher Education, DIKTI (Direktorat Jenderal Pendidikan Tinggi). This is a great opportunity for promoting CAKRA to formal institutions by the help of Local Education Department. CAKRAs target market is people from every income levels, worldwide. Preorder waiting list 1. Domestic: therapist edition for autism foundation in Surabaya, home edition for parents in Madura, Gresik, and Bandung, and therapist edition for inclusive school in Jakarta. 2. North Dakota, US, therapist edition by the Director of Technology at Minot Public Schools. 3. Australia and United States: members of Putrakembara Community.

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DigiD2 team: 1. Muhammad Rizky Habibi 21st years old 2. Nurul wakhidatul ummah 21st years old 3. Mentary Queen Glossyta 21st years old 4. Fiandra Fatarany 21st years old We are from informatics department of institute technology sepuluh nopember Surabaya, Indonesia. CAKRA is developed with the supervision of autism expert, dr. Illy Yudiono, who is also the owner of CAKRA Autism Center Surabaya, Indonesia. The research and development of CAKRA has been started since February 2013. During the research, we actively engage with children suffering from autism to help our experiment. Award : 1. Winner in GEMASTIK 6 software innovation category 2. Winner in GEMASTIK 6 Software Design category 3. Winner in ITContest 2013 software application category 4. Winner SNITCH 2013 software application category 5. Winner in LCEN 2014 ( electronical competition) Medical Electronic and Assistive Technology category 6. National Winner in IMAGINECUP Indonesia 2014 world citizenship category

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CAKRA is the best software innovation that can helps every autism child

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Good initiative, ideas like this one make the world a better place to live in. I wish you good luck.