Model Farming in ASAL Kenya

Published on February 28, 2014 um 14:29

Summary of your idea

The idea is to convert a 5 acre farm in Laikipia,Kenya from a dry wasteland to a productive farm that can be used as a model for best practices in farming. This will combine agribusiness, renewable energy and water management all in one and create an efficient system.The farm will be divided into 5 areas.One part will be used as a dairy farm with an abattoir and a milking shed for the cattle. The other area will be used for biogas collection emanating from the cattle waste.The abattoir will also be solar powered. From the waste collected from this segment, a biogas plant will be set up and gas will be tapped and distributed to households in the area. In another convenient part of the farm,a borehole will be sunk and water will be solar pumped to water the activities of the farm. The other remaining(larger) section will be drip irrigated and greenhouses fitted with manure from the cattle being used to grow high end crops mostly strawberries, apples and/or water melons. This too will be though pooling where investors can get a greenhouse and receive a fixed amount at the end of every season.Organic farming will be employed in the farm using best practices such as the use of cloves for soil purification. All these combined will form a model farm that will be used by other farmers to illustrate how a small piece of land can reap maximum benefits and be self sustaining.All the waste material and water will be treated and recycled in the farm and used back in the most efficient way.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The target is to create employment for about 200 households mostly the women and youth. The farm will also be used as training ground for farmers from other arid and semi-arid areas who have large chunks of un-utilized land.This model farm will also incorporate modern techniques of seed development and with co-operation from the Kenya Seed Company, proper tests can be conducted on one part of the land.This will lead to more productivity and sustainable farming in Kenya. The major measure of success will be number of people employed in the farm and the amount of energy saved in the farm.Poverty will also be eradicated as more people will be directly and indirectly be employed. The number of farmers who will be trained on clean-tech farming will also be an indicator and a measure of success. Continuous monitoring and evaluation will be part of the project.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

The business will be sustaining after the initial capital set up. This is because the model of farming, especially the dairy cattle will be based on the idea of pooling. This is where different investors bring in their cows for management and a ceiling amount is placed on their returns.The milk from the cattle will be sold to major outlets such and the Kenya Creameries Limited and Brookside Limited. The other cash that will be generated will be used for operations and expansions. The idea will also seek to bring together several players in the market. Some of them include: Ngare Narok Meat processor and Leather Tanners who can buy off the meat and skin from the abattoir. The Biogas to be packaged will be sold to companies that are already registered such as Keekonyokie in Kiserian. The strawberries and apples will be sold to various exporters such as Kakuzi limited and large supermarket stores in Nairobi and other parts of the company.The major source of capital financing will be organisations that support clean tech technologies and agribusiness such as A-million an Acre fund,USAID, Agri-Pro focus, Animal Draft Power etc.The company will also generate funds from the various training and consultancies that it plans to undertake as it explains the notion of model farming to many interested farmers.

Your profile

I am a Master's student currently undertaking Procurement and Logistics. I have an undergraduate degree in International Business. I also work PricewaterhouseCoopers Limited in a World Bank Funded project known as the Kenya Climate Innovation center. The exposure I have gained from this organisation has helped me realize that the future of Kenya heavily relies on agriculture and sustainable methods of farming should be adopted. My main motivation in this idea is to show other youths that farming is an area that can be approached from different ways and the current status in the country, especially in arid and semi arid areas requires well thought out plans. My daily interactions with the clients in clean tech has made me realize that, although the country has made strides in as far as innovative ideas are concerned, there is little if any consolidation in the various areas. Using the contacts that I have, I can get a lot of ideas from the companies in all the sectors such as water and irrigation, agri-business and renewable energy. I am also very passionate in agriculture and creation of employment for youth and women. The main qualities that contribute to my success in life is that I ma highly motivated by results and agri-business has always been a part of my growing up.

Stage of Idea

planning stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

environment, sustainable energy, food security, poverty reduction, empowerment of women, youth

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