Farming for Change and Local Développement

Published on March 3, 2014 um 08:53

Summary of your idea

This is a farming project with three sectors implanted in my native village: market gardening, poultry and dairy production. It comes in three phases: - the first is the implementation of the project with the installation of hydro-agricultural works with vegetable growing for the first year. - the second and third phase will consist respectively the introduction of poultry and dairy production with the introduction of dairy cows. Apart from supplements, it is an independent business that will produce local staple food for poultry and livestock with a strong agricultural production.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

An idea which will help to: - sustain the local food self-sufficiency - create massive employment of women and youth - continue a social and civic commitment started on 20 years ealier - Initiate moderne agriculture - reduce poverty in my rural area.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Phase 1: The start Rent with an area of 6 ha on the left bank of the river Ngalanka ; Acquisition of some equipment operations: o A motor pump 150m3/ha with a height gauge 4m ; o A rice huller ; o The acquisition of small equipment . Phase 2: Expansion and inking Acquisition of land 50 acres of our own Construction of a cluster management ( home area - Training - Security ... ) Implementation of conservation tools onions ; Testing of poultry and cattle ; Implementation of a dairy processing unit Research development partner as SAED , ISRA , the DRDR for certified seed production of rice and onion and peanuts and supervision of local producers ; partnership with women's groups for better development of water resources , soil and agricultural products ; Support to women's groups for the processing, storage and marketing of agricultural products; search partners ( hotels, hostels ... ) for the flow of agricultural products, poultry , dairy etc. Finacial plan Need overall funding: 26,200 Capital contribution: 5,300 Bank loan: 20,930

Your profile

Agriculture is increasingly a challenge for local and national development , which development is unavoidable for food security pledge long way toward self-sufficiency. Government and development partners of the State of Senegal are now a priority. National Strategy for Accelerated Growth in the Current Plan "Senegal emergent " through the National Strategy for Economic and Social Development, agriculture has always occupied and still occupies a prominent place in the plans of the various regimes Senegal . But it is still to recognize that the sector remains the poor relation of major policy decisions . However occupy more than 60% of the active population of Senegal , agriculture contributes only 20% of GDP . The current challenge on the Senegal River Valley remains the improvement of production methods and technical and financial resources available to farmers . One of the goals of " FARMING FOR CHANGE " is thus to help make agriculture , not a profession by default, but a true vocation of youth and women who occupies the whole year. The support of the Millennium Challenge Corporation Deposit in its implementation at the farm level, spreads over the bowl Ngalanka . Being from the locality, Fanaye Specifically, I do not want to be left out of this beautiful beginning to prosperity in which Senegalese farmers feed Senegal in rice while living from their profession. Living now in Bordeaux, France, this idea will help to go back in Senegal to participate in the Senegalese developement. I am now a project manager in Bordeaux Montaigne University, in France. I have worked for Francophony International Organization, USA Ambaty in Dakar, Senegal. I am also now voluntee in many associations working against inequalities throughout the world.

Stage of Idea

planning stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

environment, health, food security, poverty reduction, sustainable trade, empowerment of women, youth

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