Utilization Kepok Banana Peel and Jelantah Oil as Stick Soap

Published on July 4, 2014 um 12:31

Summary of your idea

there are many problems are facing the world where still difficult to covered such as : stick soap are revolving in the market is not friendly for environment and our health, the materials are using for making stick soap can not be continue because derived from fossil, jelantah oil which can not be used again is dumping to environment by people which can make the environment become unhealthy. Not only that problems, sometimes small industries do not want to dump their jelantah oil because they think they will be damaged if they do that, so another way they take are sell it to retailer. I am also very sad to see that action because we know that jelantah oil very dangerous for our health if it used again. Another problems are because there many people in my city who are unempolyment and also banana peel like kepok banana peel if we just dump it will causing the greenhouse gases. As we know that one of the main material of soap is oil ( plant oil or animalistic oil ). I choose it because in my city, so easy to find jelantah oil especially in small industries like peanut industry,fried banana industry,etc. the same thing with kepok banana peel. kepok banana peel when we extract, it will generated a liquid, which this liquid is contain high silica. Silica very useful for our health where can make our skin are clean and smooth. To make this stick soap,actually everyone can do it because very easy and also to produced it, is not needing the big fund.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

#expected impact of my idea on sustainable development *this idea or this product is targeted for : 1. Industry Sector Stick Soap ; as one solution for stick soap which can not sustainable ( fossil). 2. Business Sector ; stick soap which made from jelantah oil and soda Q from kepok banana peel has its own sales force, so it has a good prospect to become a business unit. 3. community ; 1. environmental side This idea is expected can be a part of the solution to problems such as environmental distruction generated by the dump of jelantah oil,greenhouse gases generated by the bulk of kepok banana peel that decompose and also expected can be a part of the solution to problem of using fossil. 2. economical side The benefits of this idea on improving the quality of community life is education for owner industry like peanut industry to avoid the dump of jelantah oil to environment because can cause the water and land become polluted and also to avoid them in selling their jelantah oil for retailer because can cause cancer for people who consumes it again. 3. social side The expected of this idea for social side is hoping there are interaction between NGOs, community,owner industry like fried banana industry and student, which correlate positively to the improvement of the social relations of each element. This element has an important role to protect the environment together.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

#plans for implementation and sustainability Leadership action there are strategic steps that I will do to dessiminate this idea/product, including : 1. will giving the education by organizing seminars and training to the community-making stick soap. 2. will visiting to community, schools and NGO-in Makassar to conduct a green product movement and socialization. 3. will letting the community to try my stick soap gratuitously before they buy. 4. will visit to retailers and stick my sticker stick soap on the place where them sell. #Sustainability This idea can be the answer of challenges related to the issues like I say before in the field of my summary idea. This stick soap is a great potential for futher development, because the main material of this stick soap is derived from natural material. As I say before that jelantah oil very easy to find in many place in Indonesia especially in the city where I am staying now. We can find it in many industries like peanut industry, fried banana industry etc. the same thing with kepok banana peel, among many banana, kepok banana is the most preferable banana by community to consumed. it also very easy to get in many places especially in Makassar. So besides this idea helping to reduced environmental issues and health issues, it also can be used as business unit to reduced unemployment in Indonesia, especially in Makassar.

Your profile

Full Name : Kristina Paseru Call Name : Kris Gender : Female Age : 21 years Phone Number : (+62)82 197 481 487 Major : Mathematic University : Hasanuddin University (Universitas Hasanuddin ) Email : [email protected] Address : Jl.Perintis Kemerdekaan Km 10, Makassar,90245,Sulawesi Selatan,Indonesia Nationality : Indonesia Motivation : my motivation to create this idea because I am caring environment,health and unemployment. My activities out of campus time : Manager of Philadelpia Ecumenical Christian Student Fellowship (Persekutuan Mahasiswa Kristen Oikumene Filadelfia ) Faculty of Mathematic and Natural Science (Matematika dan Ilmu Pengetahuan Alam)_Pharmacy of Hasanuddin University Organization. ( Periode, 2011-Now). Member of HEC ( Hasanuddin English Community). (Period : 2013-Now ) Member of Mathematic Student Association ( Himpunan Mahasiswa Matematika) of Hasanuddin University. (Period : 2011-2013) Achievments : Finalist of CSL(Climate Smart Leaders) competition. Participant of YFA (Youth Feast Ambassador). Participant of English Debate Competition. Participant of Olimpic Mathematic Science.

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Stage of Idea

start-up stage , idea offered for implementation by others

Your idea has a positive impact on

environment, education, health, sustainable energy, elderly, sustainable trade, empowerment of women, youth

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July 31, 2014 10:43

Dear Pither,
thank you so much for your response.
keep doing well ya dek.

best regards :)

July 31, 2014 10:40

Dear Mr. Salvinus,
Thank you so much for getting in touch.
many thanks for your response.
please convey my warm regards for teachers of SMAN 1 Rantepao.

best regards :)

July 31, 2014 10:26

Dear Ober,
thanks a lot dek. many thanks for your response.

best regards :)

July 31, 2014 10:08

Dear Salma,
thanks a lot dek. yes, I hope so. okay, I will always try to do my best as I can. I'm too really proud of you. keep spirit ya,keep doing well :)

best regards :)

July 27, 2014 22:35

your idea seems to me that kepok banana peel and jelantah oil are good as the raw materials for making stick soap. your idea doesn't destroy the environment. the materials of your idea can be founded easily everywhere in the world. This invention can also help people make their environment clean,because the rubbish can become a safe and valuable product.

good luck Kris ! Jbu

July 26, 2014 17:24

Great idea Kris.. very creative and inovative.
wish you luck :)

July 26, 2014 16:19

your idea is very good. I say like that because your idea can reduce the pollution of environment which caused by the waste is not managed well. as we know that jelantah oil can pollute the soil and water so that deface ecosystem. so through your idea, the dump of waste can be minimized.

July 26, 2014 14:21

Great idea kak :D
really hope this idea can be applied and realized in the future anywhere especially in our country. this idea can support sustainable development in this world. really appreciate ur idea and hard work, and i hope this idea will be entered industry governtment to help unemployment people, and to safe our environment. i wait ur next progress :D

July 25, 2014 20:12

Dear Anthony,
thanks a lot friend. yes,it's time to move forward with a green style =D
once again many thanks friend.

best regards :)

July 25, 2014 20:08

Dear Steph,
many thanks Step.
thanks a lot for all of your kindness to me.

warmest regards for you =D

July 25, 2014 20:05

Dear Sara,
amen. thanks a lot my beloved friend.
the same hope for you,may the Lord bless you too.

my best regard for Egypt Sara :)

July 25, 2014 19:55

Dear Brian,
thanks a lot for your suggestion. it's a nice suggestion for me. yes,I hope so. to the future, I also plan to make the liquid soap of kepok banana peel and jelantah oil. I'll try to do my best as I can.
once again many thanks for your help.

best regards :)

July 25, 2014 19:40

Dear kak Tia,
thanks a lot kak.
I hope,I can meet you in Berlin.

warm regards from Indonesia :)

July 25, 2014 19:34

Dear kak Irna,
okay kak. I'll try to do my best.
thanks a lot kak.

best regards :)

July 25, 2014 19:33

Dear Robi,
okay Rob, I will try to do my best.
in advance, I'd like to say many thanks friend for your suggestion.

best regards :)

July 25, 2014 19:28

Dear Upakar,
thank you very much friend. keep doing well.

best regards from Indonesia :)

July 25, 2014 19:23

Dear mom Paulina,
thank you in advance mom. yes,that's true. I created this idea with aim to
solve some of the problems like I said in the summary of my idea.

talking about my background of study. yes, actually the reletaion between my idea and my major really far. but I think,it's not mean that only the special peoples that can make the environment to be better. whatever our background of study, I hope it's not limit us to make our environment to be better.
once again thanks a lot mom. I'm too, really proud of mom as my lecturer of Hasanuddin University.

best regards mom :)

July 25, 2014 18:19

Dear Ammad
yes, I hope so. okay,I will try to do my best friend.

thanks in advance.
best regards :)

July 24, 2014 21:02

Great Idea Kris..your idea is sure looking green.

July 24, 2014 16:04

Great Idea Kris :)
Very innovative and creative :D

July 24, 2014 16:04

Great Idea Kris :)
Very innovative and creative :D

July 22, 2014 18:28

Good job my friend Kristina, it is an amazing idea May god help you

July 22, 2014 17:49

Nice job :)
I think in the future , not only as a Stick Soap but also it can be a liquid Soap or parfume. So, you can spread your business into different part :).I imagine that, if I will go to your city, I will meet you as a Founder this products and you are a person who made this as an International products, which mean we proud of you :)

July 22, 2014 12:57

This idea is really interesting, Creative!!!

July 22, 2014 12:57

This idea is really interesting, Creative!!!

July 21, 2014 14:54

Krissss, your idea so really interesting dek. your idea not only reduce the problems of environment and health but also giving the opportunity of job for people who unemployment. reall proud of you. I hope this idea can be implemented as soon as possible. wish you luck dek :)

July 21, 2014 12:09

creative idea grace,
it should be the best soap choice if that going on to industry.

July 17, 2014 17:53

very good idea......will be always there to help this project....

July 17, 2014 09:42

This is a great idea. Kristina would like to give her contribution in saving our environment. She is very diligent to find the topic, even though it is beyond her background as a math student. Good luck Kristina, I am very proud of you.

July 16, 2014 17:07

it's goog idea. hope it will be directly applied and realized

July 14, 2014 13:00

Dear Gian, so many things are well you have been done for me dek.
yes, I'm in the same tune with you. our environment and also our health need to protected. the same thing with people who unemployment. we as a human that luck to get formal education have to search solution for people who unemployment. and I hope, this idea can be the answer for that problems.

thanks a lot dek Gian. really, I cannot reply your kindness. I just hope each of your kindness that so really sincere to me is replied by God.

once again thanks a lot dek..
best regards :)

July 14, 2014 12:34

amen. Dear Adi,many thanks for your visitation friend :. so difficult to reply your kindness that sincere, I hope the Lord replies it to you. you too,good luck for everything you do. let's keep spirit and always learn to improve the talents that God was gave to us and absolutely try to share it to other people.

best regards :)

July 14, 2014 08:10

This is awesome!We must appreciate something like this! We need a product that more suitable to our Earth... This product maybe small in size, but can safe our environment and our health...

July 13, 2014 19:16

hello Peter, how's your day? any way thanks a lot for visit my idea. okay Peter, thanks for your encouragement. let's we improve our talent and share it to other people. okay wait, I'll visit your project too.

best regards from Indonesia peter :)

July 13, 2014 19:09

It's good idea,..more applicable, frendly environment and health..easy to find the material and everyone can do it. Good Luck..Kris!

July 13, 2014 18:55

Dear Firda, thank a lot sister. yea, I really hope I can. many thanks sist for all of your kindness that sincere. can't reply what you've been done for me, but I hope the Lord does it to you.

July 13, 2014 18:42

oh yea Nan,thank you very much for your help.I can't reply your kindness. may God bless you in everything.

warmest regards :)

July 13, 2014 18:25

Dear Nando, thanks a lot for your suggestion Nan. really, that's a good suggestion.

warmest regards :)

July 13, 2014 18:01

Dear Resty, thanks a lot for your kindness Res. I can't reply what you've done for me, I just hope God does it to you :)

warmest regards :)

July 13, 2014 17:54

Dear Haris,many thanks for your suggestion. you too, wish God bless for everything you do. once again thanks a lot for your kindness Har,I can't reply your kindness,but I hope God replies it to you :).

warmest regards

July 12, 2014 16:02

Bravely go toward, guys! I encourage you.

July 11, 2014 11:11

It's so good idea sist..
Hope you can upgrading the others things from your else idea..
Good luck for this experiment :)

July 6, 2014 05:07

well, it's a nice idea, it'll definitely contribute to our society, my suggestion is you need to inform the result of research about the impact of this soap to our skin. make sure the consumer know that this soap will not give any impact or danger to their body.

July 5, 2014 17:09

That's interesting. It has positive and sustainable impact to environment. Best luck!!

July 5, 2014 15:17

well, the idea is so interesting, hope it will be directly applied and realized!! Good Luck Kriss!!