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Published on July 4, 2014 um 14:57

Summary of your idea

Biogreen-Feeds AG will use simple, affordable, serviceable and locally sourced technology to convert domestic and agricultural wastes to animal feed, crop feed (fertilizers), and soil amendments. Main objectives: Strengthen partnership by collaborating with Union of Sewage sludge Haulers and National Butcher¬ Association to secure constants SUPPLY of raw materials with no requirement for down payment before delivery. We will also partner with National Union of Road Transport Workers to improve distribution to costly-to-reach and inaccessible road networks. Minimize production cost by using accessible and serviceable machines like the basic concrete mixer and pepper and tomato grinder for production, rather than acquiring patents or installing imported machines that may become redundant when experts return abroad. Educate stakeholders on importance of using our products by partnering with Fertilizer and Feeds Suppliers Association of Nigeria and other similar agencies to use their decades of clients database to highlight the rich and social value of using recycled products as this will improve customer relations. Propositions and Key Activities: Biogreen-Feeds will offer threefold value propositions: (1); providing an environmentally friendly alternative to discharge waste by converting them to plant and animal food source, we (2); provide doorstep delivery and (3); nutrient content alteration which is a value added move to discard need for purchasing other additives, like pesticides, soil texture amendments and others. Biogreen-Feeds Ag will achieve knowledge of the market place by consolidating partnership with sales agents and distributors because they usually have direct contact with customers, producers and importers. Also give incentives when they convince clients to purchase our products instead of the competition with they may also stock. Biogreen-Feeds will be sold by contract marketers with responsibility to search new clients, sell products and convince old clients to repeat purchase; they will be compensated per customer referred to cut payroll cost.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Impact on sustainable development: Accepting human waste sludge from municipalities and blood and bone meal from butchers, partially relieves the burden on rapidly filling landfills, and provides an alternative disposal channel. Recycling method employed will be natural breakdown of wastes by forces of nature rather than using machines which emit greenhouse gases, this move will reduces Co2 emissions and kill pathogens harm human and plant. This will be achieved after careful processing of waste materials into valuable and stable by products for productive use. Biogreen-Feeds presents the opportunity to recycle, save the landfill waste space, and give the consumer the opportunity to benefit from the end products which are animal, plant food and soil enhancer. Biogreen-Feeds will provide doorstep delivery and customizing nutrient content of products: such as adjusting the PH balance, protein or carbohydrate so certain crops and animals can grow faster and become resistance to diseases. The proposed Targets will be: Food and nonfood crops farmers, livestock farmers Landscapers for residential, industrial and commercial properties Nurseries for plant and forest seedling crops and reforestation Marketing Evaluation: We will print and distribute free newsletters that contain topics of interest to our target audience and also advertise our products and offer free support and lessons on best practices on crop and animal farming to attract clients and build customer relationship by positioning ourselves as a brand that cares since many customers have distrust for most unknown importers and manufacturers. Agreement will be entered with sales agents and distributors to give customers questioners on how they heard about us and how we can improve our services, there will be an incentive for completing the questioner and for agents to use word of mouth to hype the benefits of our products as some clients deal with agents directly.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Production: First step is procurement of raw materials which is transferred into plastic tanks exposed for aerobic digestion (a natural biological breakdown of waste by bacteria assisted by oxygen.) Heat of about 60-100 degrees Celsius is applied via locally constructed furnace to kill harmful pathogens. These materials are transferred into concrete mixer for blending before conveyed into the large Pepper grinder for grating into desirable pellet sizes. Products will be scooped into outsourced branded bags and sealed for distribution. The concrete mixer, pepper grinders, and aerobic digestion process are cost efficient and cutting edge alternatives to importing machines. A slightly different method is used to process animal feed. Products will be packaged in-house for easy of bagging and sealing in sacks purchased in bulk quantities with all digital image prints and branding outsourced for proper product differentiation. Sales Marketing Activities and collaborators: We will have staff with responsibility to search for new clients, sell products and convince our old clients to repeat purchase. Sales agents and distributors will be given incentives when they convince clients to purchase instead of that of the competition with they may also stock. They will be educated on the benefits of using our products as they are usually first to make contact with customers. Sales agent and distributors will be persuaded to into a simple program where they get incentives for getting other sales agents and distributors to shelf our products. We will contact Agricultural Projects Monitoring and Evaluation Unit and Fertilizer Producers and Suppliers Association of Nigeria to receive proper documented information to improve precision of our market activities since their database dates over 30 years. Financing source: Proposed financial source for this idea will come from personal savings business angels and other partners since the start up is less than USD25,000

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I, Ofili Ebube Sett, was born in 25/05/1985 in Nigeria, West Africa, studied Local Government Administration in Obafemi Awolowo University/ Nigeria and graduated in November 2007. My major interests are in Agriculture and Entertainment; to exploit the untapped Sector in the Agricultural Industry in Africa to create employment and empowerment for the steaming population of her unemployed youth. Hopefully with the investments of my personality and projected initiatives, I will convince them that it is cool and funky to do Agriculture. I founded Loop Media and Solution in 2007, the company has organized extensive training on computer assembly, basic use of computer, use of computer for the entertainment industry and to monitor agricultural processes. We have also carried out projects electronic waste management and recycle. I have been privileged to undergo business training workshop organized by the prestigious Pan Atlantic University and Education Development Center, with the aim of developing a business from concept to successful execution and monitoring phase. I possess Project Coordination and good Presentation Skills, I have also been fortunate to be part of team that was the first runner up to a nationwide business proposal presentation, First Bank Business Smart Competition Season 1 Positions 7/2009 - 8/2010 Dazzle Weddings, Lagos State, Nigeria Sales Consultant Reaching new audience divided by tribal and religious differences. International Trade Coordinator and Inventory Supervision. Honored with Outstanding Achievement award for development of new strategies in sales and consumer communications. 7/2009 - 8/2013 Giwa Farms, Ogun State, Nigeria Waste Disposal Consultant Providing the efficient ways of discarding agricultural waste. Concentration and Having Fun at Work Bridging the gap between the client and its customers who are wary of new products and services.

Stage of Idea

start-up stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

environment, sustainable energy, food security, poverty reduction, sustainable trade

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Locally constructed feed mixing machine

Locally constructed feed mixing machine

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