Abling the Disabled

Published on July 4, 2014 um 14:51

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The project will train and provide technical assistance to visually empowered and impoverished women of Khulna, Bangladesh on making new paper from waste paper. They will be offered professional training on paper making from waste paper to help them become self employed. A small cottage paper recycling plant will be set up in Khulna where necessary equipment will be set up and the trained girls will be hired to make paper which will be brought to the city and sold. Part of the proceeds generated from the sale of produced paper would be used to provide for the employed womens education and medical costs. In this respect it will also act as a social business model. We have targeted a particular category of the population-the visually challenged and impoverished women. These women would be trained on the entire process of the recycling of waste paper into new paper. Consequently, we do not intend to stop here. The plan would not be limited to papers only. It would be extended to plastics and making decoration pieces with the recycled paper. We would be expanding our sales so that we are able to hire more of the targeted population and cater to their needs. The project aims to alleviate poverty and demonstrate that disabled people too can contribute to the economy.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Bangladesh once a highly vegetated land has been heavily deforested in the wake of recent economic growth. Trees are mostly cut to cater to the ever burgeoning paper industry. Our project aims to alleviate this problem by introducing a technology that will eliminate this harmful process. Instead of using trees as raw materials our project will reuse discarded paper to make new paper. This not only alleviates the problem of deforestation but also addresses the problem of waste disposal. With our ever growing corporations and industries paper disposal is becoming a great problem day by day and our projects serves to mitigate this particular problem. Landfill use: About 35% of municipal solid waste (before recycling) by weight is paper and paper products. Recycling 1 ton of newspaper eliminates 3 cubic meters of landfill Pave the path for other investors to invest in eco friendly paper making process: Bangladesh, despite being the most affected country from climate change invests very little in renewable and environment friendly technologies. Our project will encourage future investors to opt for waste papers instead of wood pulps as their raw material as waste paper being cheaper than wood chips lowers the cost of each paper produced. Provide employment to the impoverished and visually handicapped women. This will increase the size of the labor force in our country. Handicapped people will be brought into the formal labor sector. Overall employment level of the concerned area will increase which will strengthen regional economy. Unemployed handicapped women increases the financial burden of their family, if these women are provided with jobs then it would lessen the financial burden on their families. It will promote paper based handicraft industries like, pen holder, note book, writing pads, handmade paper and different gift items and aesthetic products

Plans for implementation and sustainability

ABLING THE DISABLED started with two co-founders, Avia Nahreen and Sayeda Shifat Nazmee, who collaborated to combine their skills and knowledge to create a venture. The team plans to recycle waste paper from waste paper by using the skills of visually disabled women. Within two years the team expects that the business would break-even, after which the proceeds would be retained for further expansion of the business. Further the team plans to hire graduates for the management and administration of this project. We would promote and create awareness for this social cause through social networking media. The project would be extended to plastics and making decoration pieces with the recycled paper. During the first three months we would first rent space for recycle plant & approach donors & investors which include NGOs to help us launch this project. Meanwhile trainers would be hired to provide training to the visually challenged girls on the entire concept of recycling. Simultaneously we would work paper collection mechanism. Primarily, schools, institutes, homes would be contacted to provide us with their waste paper. High school and university students will be recruited as volunteers to aid us in paper collection. Also we would contact technicians and experts to buy machineries needed for production. Once we attain sponsorship we would purchase the machineries. Then we would begin training the girls on machinery operation. The girls would be divided into teams. All teams would be trained on papermaking process but one team would be trained in the operation of a single machine. This will save our training time and would also put the specialization of labor at work. The visually impaired girls would be trained to use their enhanced sense of touch to operate machines more efficiently. Hopefully after training phase we would start a full-fledged production.

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AVIA NAHREEN Avia is an undergraduate student in University of Dhaka, one of the oldest and once reknown as the Oxford of the East. She is currently a third- year student and is doing her major in Economics. In addition to these, she is an excellent debater. She competed in many of the debating competitions including participation in Australs Asian Debating Competitions. Further she has excelled in many of the inter-university debating competitions. This includes being the best speakers in many of these competitions. Further, she has also worked with many charitable organizations. One of her contributions includes being associated with the community action for blind women. Currently she is involved in the project Abling the Disabled-and giving her best efforts to make this project come to life. SAYEDA SHIFAT NAZMEE: Nazmee is currently studying as an undergraduate student at the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) which is an institute under the University of Dhaka and is heralded as the most prestigious business school of the country. She intends to major in finance and plans to implement her knowledge of finance in social business ventures. Apart from her studies she trains high school students into getting admission in IBA. In her high school she received the prestigious Duke of Edinburgh Award and was recognized as the Bronze awardee. Since reading seems to be one of her greatest passion she has also collected books and winter clothes for underprivileged children during her high school years. Presently she aims to give her best efforts into this project to make it come to life.

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