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Published on July 4, 2014 um 14:52

Summary of your idea

The main objective of my idea is fight against malnutrition all over Mexico, by creating healthy snacks with a high protein level and fortified with several minerals such as iron and zinc. I will personally be developing these products using crickets as the key ingredient, in fact I already developed a cookie which is now well known in Mexico and it has shown good acceptance among the audience. The reason because I chose crickets is that these insects are a very good source of protein that could be equivalent or even better than the traditional ones, such as meat or chicken. Developing high protein snacks based on crickets is also environmental friendly, this is because if you use insects as your source of protein you could be reducing global warming taking in to consideration the fact that the bovine cattle produces 20% of the green house gasses. Besides, it is cheaper to have insects farms rather than others of bigger animals because you reduce cost in space and food. The project that I have on mind right now involves a complete concept because I pretend to create a social business in which the product will be sold to people who are worry about a Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability and part of the revenues would be taken to develop a program in which the same products will be distributed in vulnerable areas so the nutrition of the young generations is guaranteed. Furthermore it is intended to create cricket farms so jobs could be generated in vulnerable communities and several conferences about self administration and health will be given in order to encourage people to improve their lifestyle.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The idea of making this project as a social business is in order to be capable of developing a big concept in which the union of different social classes within the same region of the country will be seen. People from the upper class is expected to purchase a high quality product made of insect knowing that they are not only getting a high protein and environmental friendly product but also that they are going to be helping people who didnt have the same opportunities as they had in order to improve their lifestyle. So a huge impact is expected to be seen as a consequence of this project specially talking about guaranteeing the good sake of children from vulnerable areas in terms of nutrition. It is important to remember that the main reason because this project was created was to fight against malnutrition in Mexico, so health specialist should be performing an important duty within this project which consist in monitoring nutrition levels particularly among the children of the community, before and after the consumption of the products made using crickets as the key ingredient. Finally the improvement of lifestyle should be measured with psychological tests and economical studies in order to demonstrate the advance of the community that will be reflected in higher level of education in younger generations and a new status of economic security source of the opportunities of employment created by the social business.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Right now I am working with FEMSA and IMPACT HUB Monterrey which are sponsoring my project by providing me with offices in which I am able to work and the help of professional experts who are willing to guide me during the process. I also got an initial capital from ASHOKA and FEMSA which allowed me to buy equipment so I could start a pilot of the social business. My business model is based on creating a personal relationship with my costumers in order to make them feel part of a concept in which by buying a high quality and healthy product they are able to fight against malnutrition in the country while reducing the production of gasses that creates global warming and green house phenomena. It is expected to have a public between 18 and 28 years old as costumers who are worry about a lifestyle based on health and sustainability and are members of an upper class society, so the publicity will be focused on that segment of the community and the product will be placed at cafeterias, gyms and universities where our clients are constantly interacting. It is also important to say that the crickets used to create these products will be raised in farms that will be part of the social business as well, in that way money expended in raw materials will be saved and more employments will be generated. Furthermore it is important to say that the core of the business will always be innovation and production taking in to consideration Mexican ancient traditions in order to create a fusion between modern cuisine and the traditional one so the food industry could be revolutionized.

Your profile

My name is Elias Avalos and I am 23 years old. I studied a mayor on Chemical Engineering at Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education (ITESM) which was named the best university of Mexico by the QS Latin American University Rankings. I also have a minor on industrial engineering and a certificate on developing of new companies and entrepreneurship given by ITESM as well. On January of 2013 I studied abroad at Institut De Préparation á L´Administration et á La Gestion, in Nice, France, where I enriched my knowledge in different matters such as human resource management, international trades and business operations. On the year of 2012 I was coordinator of a social service that consisted on a program of environmental sustainability for children from public schools. During the period that I was working on this program I noticed the big difference between the social classes in Mexico and the poor eating habits of the children that I was working with, so on august of the same year I decided to enter into a contest sponsored by FEMSA and ASHOKA from where I got the first capital in order to start working on a project about nutrition based on insects in order to fight against malnutrition. I also enrolled myself in different activities such as coordinator of AESJAL, which is a students association at ITESM, researcher assistant at water center for Latin America & Caribbean until I graduated and started to fully work on my project sponsored by the alliance between FEMSA and Impact HUB Monterrey. Finally I took the Grameen Creative Lab which is given by Mohammad Yunus Team where I got the skills in order to be able to understand how a social business works and to develop one.

Stage of Idea

start-up stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

environment, health, food security, poverty reduction, youth, other: fight against malnutrition

Product.... Feeding the actual and future generation.

What is the idea about?

Elias Avalos (idea owner)

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