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Published on July 7, 2014 um 10:56

Summary of your idea

The objective of bon Voyage is providing easy & timely commutation to the office commuters while ensuring their safety by technology aided car pooling. Due to heavy migration to urban cities and increasing sales of vehicles, Indian metropolis are facing stiff challenge in terms of severe traffic congestion leading to huge losses in terms of productivity, time, energy and environment. The idea Bon Voyage is an attempt to reduce traffic woes for office commuters by providing them a technology-aided online platform for secured and convenient car-pooling. The Bon Voyage will work through an online website and mobile application software which can be installed on the mobile sets of all the users. The Car Pooling system will operate on the principle of passengers to pay and drivers to earn. Along with facilitating car-pooling, the Bon Voyage team will ensure guaranteed conveyance facility for permanent passengers by employing commercial cabs as and when required on reasonable prices. The 360 degrees verification process and GPRS enabled tracking of each employed vehicle will allow complete safety of all the Bon Voyage users.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Reducing on road traffic at peak office hours in developing countries, overall reduction in fuel consumption as well reduction in pollution.Ease to commuters in terms of reduced physical and mental stress.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

All the Bon Voyage users need to register to the website followed by verification of personal identity. The users can register as driver (if he/she intends to pool in his/her car) or passenger (if he/she intends to travel as passenger). The car pooling will be based on pay as you go principle wherein the passenger(s) will make payments to the driver on traveled km basis using the online portal. Each car will be required to install GPRS system so that the central office of Bon Voyage can track the movement of each vehicle. This will ensure absolute safety of each user. The revenue model will be based on nominal commission fee on each credit transaction.

Your profile

I am 30 years old, doing my Masters in Business Administration. Prior to this I have done Mechanical Engineering and have worked with IBM India Pvt Ltd for a while. The motivation for this idea lies behind the daily havoc due to traffic jam that we face on the road at the peak hours whose duration is gradually increasing from 1-2 hours some years back to 3-4 hours in most of the metropolitan cities.

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

environment, sustainable energy

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