The Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition is an activity within the framework of the UNESCO Global Action Programme (GAP) on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)

Published on March 3, 2014 um 09:01

Summary of your idea

The basic idea is to develop a website that is run by crowdsourcing. The more users you get, the more the website is effective. On the long term, the idea would be to create the widest business social network based on the inclusive economy in the world. As an example, someone in your neighborhood needs to renovate his sewerage system but is materially unable to pay appropriate services for that. In that case, someone can post a call on his name on this website, and people from his neighborhood, region, area, or city would eventually see the post on a map and check if they can help with one of the tasks that need to be done in order to complete the service. Possibility to extend to a smartphone application. They provide the service and get back in change some points on the website that they can trade in the future for a personal service or one of the products that are sold on the website (obviously produced by development organizations of socially deprived people). The range of services can cover an unlimited list of social services, and especially the kind that is not taken in charge by the governments (renovation and building of small neighborhood factories or workshops, etc.). Given this concept, what we need is an automated platform that includes a list of competencies and a mapping of all the needs that have to be met, and that is based on a wide volunteering network, but this time the volunteer will get a future material consideration for his/her work. On the long term, an electronic device can be developed to simplify the access to this technology for old (and even young) people who do not necessarily master the basics of IT.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

There will be a direct positive social impact on the community through encouragement of people to help with the minimum potentials , enhancing solidarity between people , helping housewives to be active in their society from home for example by selling their handcrafts, which in the context of our mainly conservative societies can be a way of emancipation for them, and helping manual workers to coordinate with their clients easily,Typically, this social entrepreneurship project can take its optimal dimension in the context of the Arab world. Let us take the case of homemakers, Many of these women are excluded from the economic process, even though they are perfectly able to sell traditional products or services that are being lost with the new generations. Another example would be for these women to sell homemade food for a cheap price to young students who live in the same neighborhood but cannot afford spending their pocket money in generally expensive junk food. If we have to find a core link between all these impacts, we would call it social integration.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

The idea has the potential to be developped by time. Since its a social network, it will all depend on its perception and utilization by the first users. Then, based on that, we might create in the future a platform that includes all the arab and some european countries so we could see an exchange of services and volunteering actions on a higher scale, between citizens. The major part of our income will be earned from advetisements published on the website, as many social networks started, with the objective to implement target-marketing on the long term, depending on the efficiency of the platform. Once all the tasks related to the seed stage of the project are done, and since the format of our business is not capital-intensive, the key driver of our success the first days will be our ability to create an interactive platform with strong algorithms, alongside the development of our marketing strategy to directly target our most attractive customers (who will be determined by a preliminary market research, as mentioned above). Next, we will focus on communication with potential sponsors and advertisers and coordination with all the stakeholders that are directly involved in the project. We need to create working in every region of the country before finally moving to the implementation phase, where we need high level employees and engineers to ensure optimal functionalities for the website.

Your profile

As a bachelor degree candidate from the first cohort in Tunis Business School, I share the responsibility of representing my university successfully in every action I undertake. Thus, I have never been hesitating each time the opportunity came for me to be involved in social activities. Among the various initiatives that have punctuated my extra-curricular activities, there are very specific projects that sparked my interest in the field of social development and how I could use my management degree to improve some social situations that are a primary concern for me. My first social entrepreneurship experience was a junior enterprise competition (Injaz) in which I participated with a group of university colleagues and in which we won the innovation prize. This was the first time that I had to apply all the basic concepts that I learned during the first half of my studies, especially the fundraising, of which I am responsible. I also took part in several entrepreneurship challenges such as the Intel program, in which we ran also in a nationwide competition. Besides that, I am also active in the Tunisian civil society within an NGO called Sawty (literally my voice), which aims to develop a new generation of leaders by empowering young people to take initiatives and participate in the democratic transition. Thereby, I had the opportunity to collaborate with international institutions through trainings on debate and advocacy skills, conduct a cycle of focus groups, and participate in several simulations of local governance. Matching these various aspects of my background could hardly lead me to a different carrier than one oriented toward entrepreneurial finance, keeping in mind the crucial idea which is for me to always try to improve the conditions of the working environment and the population targeted by the initiatives that I undertake.

Video (optional)

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

poverty reduction, empowerment of women

Me ,attending the MIT Global Startup workshop .

Me, the delegate of mexico in Tunisian International Model of United Nations , 2013

Certificate of Intel entrepreunership program participation

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