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Summary of your idea

Afripreneur ( )social enterprise is a business support platform that enables enterprising Africans to move from ideation to world-class enterprise easier and faster. This is being achieved by providing various online and offline solutions which will provide needed support and access for aspiring and growing entrepreneurs. Afripreneur came up as an idea to solve the menace of poverty, unemployment, militancy, terrorism, corruption, etc in Africa as we believe all problems in Africa is connected to unemployment. Afripreneur intends to provide a sustainable structure which will create many businesses which will lead to an unlimited amount of employment opportunities. Online solutions allows for remote access to essential solutions needed by entrepreneurs via internet enabled devices and computers using a cloud technology approach that allows knowledge, support and access of equal quality is accessible by every entrepreneur while offline solutions are events that creates great experiences and collaboration for entrepreneurs which provides the necessary networking and face to face interactions. Our approach is to use the contemporary lean start-up technique to identify various needs of aspiring and growing entrepreneurs, develop a hypothesis based on the need, experiment in a small way to see what works and what doesnt, find a scalable approach and tie a business model around such a solution to make it sustainable. Each solution is managed from the viewpoint of project management by the Afripreneur team. Based on our current observations, we have the following needs and solutions; business knowledge (we provided the Afripreneur TrainMe [ ]), need to start a business and mentorship (we provided Afripreneur MentorMe [ ]), need to save cost & get quality service (we provided Afripreneur SupportMe [ ] ), need for due-diligence (we provided Afripreneur ProfileMe[under development]) which are all in the start-up stage.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The Afripreneur business support platform will provide the necessary and needed support aspiring and growing entrepreneurs to set-up and grow their businesses easier and faster by using our various solutions which we will improve over time with our lean start-up approach. Nigeria and Africa is faced with massive unemployment which is very evident in youth unemployment and restiveness across the continent. The Afripreneur platform will allow for a gradual switch from youth unemployment to youth empowerment that will allow for the proper harnessing of the capability of the African youth. This will create a trend of business set-up across Africa while Afripreneur will provide the platform that provides the needed support for the aspiring and growing entrepreneurs. This will move Africa from dependence to abundance. Entrepreneurial development across Nigeria and Africa will be a strong driver of technological development as entrepreneurs through competition will desire to surpass one another by exploring technological innovations in their business operations. So far, the early adopters of the Afripreneur business platform are young people between the ages of 18 years 45 years who know the basics of internet access through their mobile phones and computers. This trend is increasing and the Afripreneur business support platform will surely be a driver for technological leap for many small and medium businesses as well as entrepreneurs across Africa in the nearest future. Our success will be measure by number of success stories recorded by some of our solutions, the increased use of our solutions by aspiring and growing entrepreneurs which we can track online, reduced time to market for aspiring entrepreneurs, reduced cost of doing business for growing entrepreneurs, increased amount of remotely done outsourced online jobs from entrepreneurs, increase number of employment opportunities from entrepreneurs who use the Afripreneur business support platform solutions.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Afripreneur business support platform plans to use a lot of third parties who are either knowledge partners, service partners, financial partners, technical partners, etc while Afripreneur regulates, controls as well as maintains a standard for business support to entrepreneurs. Our implementation started by creating a group ( ) that is now one of the largest groups on facebook in Nigeria and Africa with over 92,000 members which allows aspiring and growing entrepreneurs present on that social media platform to interact and support one another with basic business information and knowledge. The group serves as part of our research facilities which allows Afripreneur identify the needs of aspiring and growing entrepreneurs. When needs are identified, we use the lean start-up technique to develop a solution. We first provide a hypothesis and develop a basic idea which is tested continuously. We currently have four solutions which are divided into various project for easy management, accountability and sustainability. We have the Afripreneur TrainMe Project, Afripreneur MentorMe Project, Afripreneur SupportMe Project, Afripreneur ProfileMe project. Our overall implementation plan is to keep testing, experimenting, expanding, etc within the Nigerian niche while we scale very fast across Africa soonest. Since Afripreneur will be using a lot of third parties and partners, we will be using a commission based model to make financial returns for Afripreneur which ensure the long term sustainability of Afripreneur. Currently, we have various growing and successful entrepreneurs, consultants, professionals, freelancers, etc who have established partnership with us as we have started basic implementation and experimentation in Nigeria.

Your profile

Segun Ogunlana born on January 25th, 1984 is a serial and social entrepreneur. He holds a B.Sc in Chemical-Engineering from the University of Lagos. He bootstrapped 6 start-ups in just over three years with the sixth as Afripreneur. He is a Nigerian National Orientation and Tourism Ambassador. He is the founder of a social enterprise called Afripreneur asides from his other interest in Construction and small business consulting. Afripreneur is building a business support platform that make is easier and faster for enterprising Africans to move faster and easier from ideation to world-enterprises which will increase the number of small and medium businesses, boost economies and create massive employment opportunities across Africa. Regarding Afripreneur, some work done so far can be seen at , , and the main facility of Afripreneur to be ready before the end of 2013 at Asides his entrepreneurial journey in that short space, he has over 6 years of marketing, technology and management experience. He has had internships at Nigerian Breweries Plc (best shortlisted intern - production) and Livestock feeds (formerly Pfizer) and brief full-time employment as a production engineer at Interplas (flexible packaging company of products of some of Nigeria's biggest brands) before leaving to face entrepreneurship fully. He does property development on the side with his father aside from his social entrepreneurship interest. His interest lies in tackling human problems using technology, strategic-thinking, innovation, platforms and project-management.

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Stage of Idea

start-up stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

education, food security, poverty reduction, sustainable trade, empowerment of women, youth, other: employment generation, crime reduction

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