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Published on July 7, 2014 um 15:33

Summary of your idea

Summary: Nearly 285 million humans around the world, faces many of the difficulties and challenges in their daily lives, because they are visually impaired, the problem appears strongly if it's related to everyday things like movement, choice of clothes and other things, from here came the idea of application to facilitate their daily lives. Color Vision ID is an mobile application that works on both Apple and Android platforms , aims to address one of the main problems of visually impaired, which is lack of ability to recognize colors, or differentiate between them, which results inability to coordinate colors. Perhaps there are many applications that help visually impaired to identify colors, as for the privileged in our idea, we tried to deliver a sense of colors to people did not feel it before, which is popular problem in visually impaired people, this problem appears after the direct communicate with them, there are international book for child called black book, to gives them the sense of colors use the sense of taste and smell, for example yellow like mustard taste and texture of chick blades, while the application will gives color sense use hearing special musical tones. Matching colors also is new option, if the user didnt see the colors correctly, they will be unable to matching them correctly, so we prepare algorithm for matching colors depends on scientific bases like color wheel, which designer depends on. Also men can use it to choose their clothes, where studies have demonstrated that men have a big problem in coordinating their We will follow through work on scientific principles and theories in order to have the application image optimization, we aspire to make life easier for the visually impaired through smart phone applications.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Expected to download large numbers of visually impaired the application, in an effort to develop a their lifestyle, what would help them in enhancing their self-reliance and confidence, and its impact on sustainable development involves their ability to invest their abilities and resources in the community development , as well as enable them to do many works that rely on colors, the project will help to reduce the unemployment rate, through the provision of job opportunities for young people and encourage young people to set up their own businesses, and improve the economic situation through the small projects.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Project will be implemented in several stages, a study of the idea and the data collection, expert advice from doctors, psychologists and music experts , followed by the preparation of designs, then programming algorithms for color matching and musical tones to be beyond the production of the beta version and tested to upload the eventual final version on the Store. Will work on the project work crew consisting of a programmer and data analyst, designer, E-marketer and accountant. As for financial resources has started the study with the support of family and got investment from my parents to start working, and we got incubation from the Palestinian incubator for communications and information technology, in addition to the seed fund to develop the idea and prepare the necessary studies. the application which will be on all of Apple and Android stores, will be paid $ 3.75, and the average price compared to other applications, it will selling to individuals and institutions.

Your profile

Manal is an electrical engineer, she start entrepreneur work with her wn startup, in the field of mobile application development, that after served as Mobile application developer in 1st Magic Key company, in the period from May 2013 to Jan. 2014, where she leads mobile developer team in the company, and programming mobile apps in java script. As previously worked as projects director in BSCR - Gaza, in the period from Feb. 2012 to May 2013, after she graduated from IUG as electrical engineer in Jan. 2012, she worked also as a project coordinator at the same institution during the last year of her university study. Manal has different skills in programming with native IOS, Java script, Time schedule, project management, E-marketing and team work. I aspire to set up my own company that produces applications for people with visual disabilities.

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start-up stage

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health, elderly, youth, other: Technology and special needs

Manal Salim

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