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Published on July 7, 2014 um 15:59

Summary of your idea

Despite immense advancement in technology, todays world is still cluttered with incidences of petty crimes on helpless people by desperate criminals. Though crime rate might have declined, majority of the people are afraid of stepping out alone at night, unless they live in an ultra secure society/facility. The rationale behind the fear is randomized road crime which is unexpected, instantaneous, and lacks a personal vendetta, making it extremely hard to escape. The solution is a simple one. An upgrade from the traditional Google Maps, Attero Malum, aka Crime Cloud, computes the fastest paths from the source to the destination with the additional parameter of safety; hence, it calculates the fast+safe path. One might say that people are aware of their daily surroundings, rendering the concept useless, but, even people who have spent their entire lives in the same city cannot know all the safe routes and in some cases, can be unaware of alternate paths. Tourists know nothing at all and are prime targets of such crime. Also, the police are not going to escort you if you know the path to be unsafe, hence, it restricts movement. Moreover, other than 911 in the USA and Canada, instant and efficient emergency services are practically non-existent. The algorithms work on crime data pulled from crime databases from local police stations and emergency alerts sent by users on the road to ensure the optimum security for all routes to the user and to ensure real time safe navigation. Further, there is always a connectivity and shortest path to the nearest police station which constantly gets updated in order to make an indirect connection with law enforcement. Additionally, a feature InstaPanick, provides one-touch connectivity to emergency services.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Serving students, office goers , the elderly, worried parents and clueless tourists , Attero Malum has no competitors. Expanding from individuals, corporate and educational institutions to government agencies is the future market of this application. For students, it can help while they are in new places as mostly they are in colleges and take same routes without going any new. For office goers, they are mostly busy in their work and even though take the same route to work and back, have little knowledge about the criminal activity going around the city. For elderly, even if they know whereabouts and have knowledge about the city, they are helpless in any of the criminal situations. For high school student parents, who always are worried about their kids and like to have whereabouts on them, this will help in keeping them safe and secure. For tourists, who are new to the city, this will help them in finding the safe paths and stay in crime-free zone. Further, it can help police in monitoring the data so that they can plan better strategies regarding the criminals and protect innocent civilians. Thus, it will also target and help police and provide them with better analytics. Measures for evaluating success are simply 1. the reduction in crime rate post-implementation of our system 2. The number of users who not just sign-up for, but actually use the application.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Pricing:Follows a freemium model Basic version-users hometown+5 saved routes Upgraded Version at $0.99/yr.-unlimited saved routes+full access to users country Premium Version at $4.99/yr.-the whole world Additional-unlock any city for $0.99/yr Promotion: Colleges and corporate offices- Limited free sign ups. Sale at subsidized price to all affiliated with the institution Incentive based Recommendation System-5 recommendations unlock one additional city Affiliation: Corporate giants-App at a subsidized price to the company. They can provide it to their employees for free, thus raising their social image Transportation services like Lyft, Uber can partner with us so we suggest their services based on our algorithms suggestion

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Innovator, Entrepreneur, Crazy, Risk-taker, Passionate and Smart are some of the adjectives usually used to describe me. I am Utkarsh Garg, and I am an undergraduate Computer Science major and an undergraduate Research Assistant at the Georgia Institute of Technology. I have lived in India for most of my life and I don't feel compassion for the less fortunate, what makes me upset is the lax attitude of the rest of the world. I don't believe in pitying them and giving them alms to alleviate absolutely nothing, I believe in enabling them to rise and improve their life on their own, with a little help. I have 2 patents to my name, recently won a World Innovation Competition, have been invited to be part of the keynote of a 2.5 billion$ company, I explore constantly and my curiosity is contagious and annoying at times. I have participated in 10+ intensive development events and love building stuff. I participated in the cloud Innovation World Cup and am participating in the Verizon Powerful Answers Award 2014. I love innovating, solving problems,and most of all, making a difference.

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conceptual stage

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peace-building , other: Public Safety

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