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Published on March 4, 2014 um 12:48

Summary of your idea

The idea is that nowadays is important to know how to represent your works, projects or ideas, but sometimes it is hard to represent it because of lack of knowledge, time and other things. For example, you wanna make presentation about how important is to save water, but if you do it with only plenty of numbers and nothing interesting, people can get bored and you just fail. Or if you have to represent project,which could help you to win financial support, but you don't know how to make it atrractive to people, you can just not get that money. Or if some big company want represent their new product for suppliers, but an employee who have to make presentation doesn't have knowledge how to make it to look good, then company can fail. I want make such online system, where people who know how to work with such systems like power point, prezi, doodle and other, who are professionals at that, help others to do their lives easier. There could be 2 categories: professionals and non-professionals (who need get more practise doing it). Professionals could be paid, the companies can apply for help to them. Non-professionals could help for free for students and etc. it would be helpful for both sides. It could be in different states and different languages, you just open system and search which language or state you need. We are already in rush and worried, why not make our lifes a little bit less stressed?

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

It would be online system, that means we don't need to use materials from nature such as paper and etc. It helps to make world more global because of search system and availability to connect people from other country.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

We need IT command who can create such online system, financial support to make it happen.

Your profile

My name is Rasa, I am from Lithuania. Last weekend (2014.03.01) I was in an event called INNOFESTIVAL, it was about technologies,business and creativity. It inspired me to do something that could make our lifes easier and more comfortable. I am hard working and stubborn, I believe that I can make our world a better place to live in.

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

education, youth, other: making people life easier

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