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Published on March 4, 2014 um 12:49

Summary of your idea

The policies that address specific damages are more effective than those seeking a drug-free society. There are endless drugs therefore each drug belongs to a different family implying that the effects are different. In the classic formulation of psychologist Norman Zinberg: The danger of drugs depends on the substance, the mental state of the user and the contexts in which drug consumption, set and setting is done. We must raise awareness of the risks associated with drugs, Mexico data indicate that 39.6% of drug users had no information at the time of initiation. The idea is to create flyers with specific information about each drug with the intention of preventing the use. go to the groups at risk to give them flyers, and provide flyers on places where they go more often like raves, clubs, school,etec. and if you decide to consume them what to do in case of overdose how to react and when the person is a drug user give information about health centers that provide help, think in a world without drugs is almost impossible but it is possible to create an awareness of the effects that these have and support those who chose to use them.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Instead of treat drug users as criminals we should increase awareness of the risks associated with drugs. We should low the rates of drug abuse not only in Mexico but around the world, with credible information about the side effects on health,Provide the necessary tools to generate awareness about drug abuse treat and provide useful information,And at the same time prevent current users develop more serious problems, avoid simplistic messages'' just say no'' zero tolerance''''' Say No to Drugs'' generating an awareness that we must respect the human rights of people regardless of what and how do they consume. ensure that less people use drugs and if they do they should have the information. the following information can save lives.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Search people who are interested in this topic to help and volunteer in their community, creating also a web where you can print the information that would have a low cost like a dollar to support the project and that information it would be helpful in your country.

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My name is Coryna I am 18 years old, I am interested in public policy, I won the youth politic debate in Cuernavaca, Morelos,I strongly believe in making a change. I started a blog where I try to express myself it

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planning stage

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peace-building , health, youth

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