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Summary of your idea

Millions of opportunities are accessible to youths of Africa and of Cameroon in particular. Unfortunately, either by choice or fate, many of these youths are not aware of these opportunities. Their entire academic and/or professional paths could be changed by these opportunities, yet they miss out because they are not aware or they do not have a forum where they will be encouraged to pursue these opportunities. The main objective of this idea is to inspire interest and raise awareness of various study, travel, fellowship, scholarship, internship, volunteer ships, jobs, business, competition, etc opportunities. As concerns our main activities, firstly, we will have a website where we will list all the current opportunities available. This website will be in English and French so that other African English/ French speaking countries. Subscribers will receive frequent updates to their emails. This is very innovative in Cameroon and the CEMAC region. There are websites with job opportunities but our website will include the very many and important other academic, professional, travel opportunities available to youths in Cameroon, CEMAC and the African continent. Besides, this one will be bilingual. We also plan to have a fortnightly print which will list upcoming deadlines, while simultaneously, sending out text messages to inspire interest and as a reminder of upcoming opportunities. There will be an assistance centre with counsellors who will guide youths on how to go about applications for various opportunities, how to compose their essays, documents, motivation letters, etc. Since these centres will specifically serve a certain geographical region, SMS updates will be sent from these centres, and will take into consideration the language of the place. Later on, SMS reminders will be managed online, users will have the opportunity to enter their location, phone number, language and will receive SMS reminders.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

This idea is for the benefit of the continent with the youngest population in the world, Africa. The African Economic Outlook targets this population to be about 200million. Our main target are youths from, usually from 15 to 30 years, though information about opportunities is open to everyone. The website, in English and French will be available to everyone who checks online. This very much widens our audience to thousands of young people around the country, sub region and continent. Print and SMS will be a strategy which will have a much specific target. For instance, in Bamenda, Cameroon where the idea will be piloted, the fortnightly print will be on the stands and will be available to the whole population. The SMS too will be available to persons in a particular geographical area where the network can cover. The print and SMS will either be in English or French but not both depending on the language culture of the place where they will be published. We will be sure to get contacts of all users, and a specific periods, we will ask surveys to complete satisfaction surveys. We will also have annual open day campaigns to educate more people about our services, at such events, we will share success stories and users who have benefited from our services will share their experiences. Another very important target will be high school libraries, college libraries and city libraries. Here we will place our fortnightly prints and we will make contact with the students and staff at this institutions. We can actually work with these students and staff and help them get these opportunities. It will be possible for us track and see how many beneficiaries we have been able to record.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

This idea entails making academic and career development opportunities in the hand of those who need it most. This will we do by running a webpage, print a fortnightly with opportunities, send text messages to remind users of various opportunities. Our main customers are young persons though opportunities are also available for others. Our market is broad, Cameroon, CEMAC and the African continent has the greatest number of young people in the world. We will find our target group via the internet, in schools and colleges. Our goal is to be the leading academic and professional information service provider in Cameroon, CEMAC and Africa. Our webpage will be open and free, however, at the city level, we plan to print and sell a fortnightly, get libraries and delicatessens to subscribe for copies, we will also sell advert space on the website, charge a fee to some organizations who may want to place their job adverts, charge a fee for users to receive text messages. These are the expected sources of income. In Cameroon, we have nothing like this which exist, in Africa, our competitors are opportunitiesforafricans.com and opportunity desk. However, our unique selling proposition is that we will print fortnightlies, use SMS for reminders and our website will be bilingual, serving the nearly 100 million African French speakers (Francophonie,19/03/2010). The US embassy has a Public Affairs Grant of for educational projects led by Cameroonian citizens and the MTN foundation in Cameroon is a big supporter of education. We believe they can be collaborators and we hope that with the exposure we will get in Berlin, we should be apply to get funds from donors. In the long term, the project will be sustainable from its 2 identified sources of income; sales of the fortnightly print, adverts on the website.

Your profile

My name is GABRIEL, Tekumafor (idea initiator), I am a Cameroonian and I am 24years old. I graduated with a BSc in Business Management from the university. I love entrepreneurship and I wrote a couple of business plans when I was at the university and a member of the Junior Chamber International, (UB Jaycees) University of Buea. I got this idea when I travelled to South Africa, I discovered that every week, stores printed their weekly specials and distributed them to the general population. This was very interesting to me, I had never seen it in my country before. It made buying very easy and inexpensive too as you could see what was on promotion and good deals which some malls were offering. I have had the privilege to be exposed to many opportunities, national and international. There are so many opportunities out there from which young people can benefit from. I discovered that these opportunities are hidden to those who need them most. They practically go away wasted while young people are complaining of joblessness. I read them and I am constantly thinking of ways to share this information. On my own, I send emails, post on facebook and send text messages to my friends, but the scope is very limited. Through this initiative, such important information will reach millions of youths who are in dire need for it.

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