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Summary of your idea

Diagnosing a bizarre illness requires the one component that a patient cannot bank on; time. Sometimes, illness can be produced by something as mundane as bacteria from dirty water, metal poisoning from unpolished pipes or even just by unknowingly being in the company of another ill person, and oftentimes, because of multiple conditions, it becomes increasingly hard to determine the correct answer from various differential diagnoses of a patients condition. These illness, if serious, can become a threat to the patient in no time and can lead to death. In fact, according to the American Association for Justice, preventable medical errors are such a serious issue that they kill more people in the United States than diabetes, Alzheimers and other leading causes of death. Data shows that more than a fourth of the patients who died while in ICU had been misdiagnosed. Estimates are that 40,500 of these patients lose their lives every year. The DiagoAssist is a search based platform aimed at reducing those horrifying statistics. Its a platform where hospitals will upload case information like patient age, gender and race, determined cause of illness, symptoms in the sequence of occurrence, and location of the case. Personal patient information is not required, but the hospital needs to be registered. This helps by providing other doctors treating patients with similar symptoms a place to start, in case of a close match. This reduces diagnosis time and thus increases the chance of saving more lives. Having such a system will not diagnose a patient and will definitely not replace doctors. It might give the doctors a place to start their search from, to narrow down at least one scale in the number of diseases that they suspect.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Hospitals are both, the contributors to the services success and the beneficiaries from the services advantages. Broadly, the target market is all registered medical institutions of the world and all legal practitioners of medicine. The aim is to have maximum outreach in order to magnify the benefit and to make the service more and more accurate and useful. The target market is thus hospitals, clinics, medical schools and independent doctors. This is a very specific application and thus has a restricted but focused clientele. The aim is for the product to become like SAP for the healthcare industry; a universal system used by all. The future goal is for it to be compulsory for all governmental and private healthcare institutions log their cases in this software. Lastly, a small part of the target market would be insurance companies who would like to access logged case information for malpractice suits. Sometimes, when a breakthrough is made in medical field either in case of discovering a new medicine or antidote or a new illness, mostly the information is communicated through the media or at least faster through it. Having this portal will help doctors and hospitals to have their own wiki, especially for small hospitals in villages and towns. Able to help in saving the lives of patients and share the cure and illness will be the measure to evaluate success of this tool. Further, a collaborative effort from the doctors to try and solve the issues around the world at a faster pace will not only help in peace-building, but will also prevent the spending of millions of money worth medical expenditure while saving more lives. Also, faster the rate of discovering disease, faster will be the treatment which will allow to treat more people in shorter span of time.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

The project is a search platform based on input, hence, more the data, better the project performs. Thus, it is imperative that hospitals using our service dont find it cumbersome and try to wriggle out of it. DiagnoAssist has both, a web interface, and a mobile interface for access at all times. The mobile interface is built using Apache Cordova, thus compatible with both Android and iOS. Other technologies include, but are not limited to Javascript, HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL. The database is hosted on a secure cloud server and access to it requires login credentials. For access, doctors need to provide their National Practitioner Identification number in the USA and its counterpart for other countries along with the Hospitals Unique Identification Number provided by us. In malpractice cases, an insurance company might be given limited time access to a particular cases records. For the development and maintenance of the tool, it is necessary to keep the system updating and secure as some information might be highly confidential. This funding will come from the hospitals which will purchase the access for using the tool as it will help them in treating their patients faster. Further, being a part of a global network of medical staff will always bring a positive effect, either medical invention or public image. Being an important asset in terms of healthcare, we foresee it to be funded by the national governments and the UN along with some corporate sector companies for their image building.

Your profile

Im Shyamak Aggarwal, a 20 year old undergraduate at Georgia Tech in Computer Science. Having completed my high schooling in India, Ive lived there for 18 years and have seen a lot of poor people who are fighting daily for getting access just to their basic needs of food, cloth and shelter. Education for them or their children is still a far from reality dream and thus, is the main part of my motivation to help these student at the very least to gain education, to learn something new so that even if not completely, they can have a little knowledge of things and make the calls about their life choices more intelligently. As a student in my high school, Ive earned many recognition and accolades like being one of the state toppers in the CBSE (India) 10th Board exam, top 1% in 12th Board Exam, Indian Mathematics Olympiad among others. In Georgia Tech, Ive participated in many hackathons as a programmer as well as different Innovation Idea contests like Cloud Innovation World Cup 2013-14, Verizon Powerful Answers 2014, with two patents under my name. I also won a Software AG Innovation World Conference with our presentation and award ceremony taking place in October 2014.

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

peace-building , health, elderly

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