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Summary of your idea

I want to create a social meeting point, that gives education and the possibility to do sport. A Beach Volleyball Indoor court, in a combination with a NGO. Why? I want to help the region where I am planning to build it up, to become more international and to have a facility all year long for sport. Beside this the combination with a NGO, makes it not as a company, but more as a social spot. I will charge less money to young people, and will put the money into a trust to support children with fewer opportunities or young talents. It's a whole transparent concept.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

There is a sustainable development in three ways: The ecological side, the international part and the educational. The building should be build with a good concept, what I already have, to use as much daylight as possible and combine it with a sustainable heating way. The sustainable development, regarding people is international, as I want my region to become more open for international education programmes, like Youth In Action and so on. There could be a good way of working together with the EU, as well as other companies. As the third point, it is an educational social spot, where different topics are taught with the help of Sport. Education through Sport is the method.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

As mentioned the business model, is not targeted on profit, but on contributing my part for my region, young people and a sustainable development, beside the traditional approaches. Collaborators could be the European Union, from a specific point in time. Not from the beginning. As well as the municipality and other official education partner. Beside this I have a company in mind, or more, who would profit in their way, even if it would not be the financial aspect.

Your profile

I am 27 years old, recently graduated in journalism and media management. I am a sports addict and I try to use the knowledge around sport and sport nutrition to enrich people. Sharing my skills is a way of giving back, that's what I do when I am a snowboard instructor, for example. I have five years experience in the industrial field. I am a volunteer in Serbia doing a European Volunteer Service since October 2013. I've been to the Olympic Games 2014 in Sochi as a volunteer-reporter and I volunteered in 2012 for 5 weeks in India. As I was in contact with a member of the youth competition, I don't want to share more, as it will be shown public. Not more details, as well as pictures or photos. I hope this will be respected due to copyright concerns.

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Stage of Idea

conceptual stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

environment, education, health, sustainable energy, cultural diversity , youth, other: Sport

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