Excellent and affordable kindergarten-age education for every child in this world

Published on March 7, 2014 um 12:11

Summary of your idea

The "Garden of Children" wants to make this world a better place. To achieve this vision, we believe that the entire potential of mankind must be unleashed.To accomplish this, we have to go to the roots of the human´s main development phase. Every child in the world deserves an excellent kindergarten education. Every child posseses so much potential which sadly is often never realised even when they grow up. During this time, the human being recognizes its independency. In this period, the basic character and potential of the children are set for his/her entire lifetime. It is extremely crucial that the child can unleash its full potential and establish an high self-esteem. A curriculum best suited for these children is one focused on the development of logical, creative, language and social skills (including respect towards each other despite of one´s sexual orientation, gender, believes or ethnicy). Parallel to this a child´s self esteem should be developed to secure the development towards a self-confident and social human unleashing his/her full potential. At the same time, our kindergartens should allow parents to pursue their careers without compromising on their kid´s education. Our basic pricing will be as expensive as in a public kindergarten whilst organizing national grants to allow poor families to send their children to our kindergarten. Our goal is to unleash humanities´ entire potential in order to tackle its most demanding challenges e.g. climate change or the problematic of Earth´s finite resources. To achieve our vision, we will start where it all begins: At the most important development period of the human being. Summary: granting all children access to excellent and affordable kindergarten education, enabling their parents to pursue their careers without compromising on their children, unleashing the entire potential of humanity to tackle its most demanding challenges

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Targets: All children should be granted access to excellent and affordable kindergarten education; all parents should be able to pursue their careers without compromising on the education of their children; humanity should unleash its entire potential Measures to evaluate success: number of children in our kindergartens; a more open, peaceful and tolerant mankind (long-term; the ability of humanity to tackle its most demanding challenges (long-term)

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Business model: Basic price is equivalent to average kindergarten fee, National subsidies e.g. the ones established in Germany allow us to make profit whilst offering high standards for a low price; Cooperation with corporate partners results in a covering of the running cost by the corporate partners where are kindergartens are located in; we will have exceptionally high-qualified kindergarten educators with a tertiary educational degree in pedagogy (their wages will be much higher than industry average; we will earn in the add-on program with every bundle used a small mediating fee for bringing e.g. professional music teachers to teach the children Financing Sources: Basic price, mediating fees and subsidies

Your profile

High school student from Bavaria, Germany Motivation: To unleash mankind´s most demanding problems through starting from where it all begins: the development in the early years Qualities contributing success: An excellent team which is strongly devoted to give all children what they deserve, which devotes its free time into developing the curriculum and the concept; member of a team with a mother as social pedagogue; a strong personal drive to leave the world in a better shape than I found it

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

peace-building , education, poverty reduction, empowerment of women, youth

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August 1, 2014 12:35

Dear supporters,
we would like to congratulate "Nannies for Grannies" for their immense success in gathering so many votes in such a short time. That is really remarkable.
Thank you very much for supporting us over the last months and spreading the message to all your friends and colleagues. We firmly believed that by posting enough messages in social media the snowball effect would start but we soon realised that only personal endorsement makes people vote. We have been a real pain over the last months of asking favors in hanging our advertising in shops and office buildings and approaching a lot of people including total strangers asking for support. Thank you for bearing and lsitening to us!
Our special thanks go to the Lord Mayor of our hometown Aschaffenburgf, Klaus Herzog, the principles and teachers of our school Karl-Theodor-v.Dalberggymnasium and all the students and their parents who have been supporting us. Our gratitude also goes to Colegio Brains in Spain, eyou language school in Beijing and Luxi Chemicals in Liaocheng and the European Youth Parliament in Germany. I would like to express my special thanks to our families for promoting us among their friends, colleagues and their business partners globally.
Without your help we would have never come so far.
Thank you, Dankeschön, Xiexie, Muchas Gracias, Kiitos...
André, Max, Nikolay and Lucas

July 19, 2014 16:28

There's certainly a case to be made for supporting and bettering children's education, but I don't quite see how this differs from current offerings.

July 4, 2014 20:53

I must confess, I am impressed by your networking and your ability to earn votes. Well done!

May 13, 2014 07:09

Dear support,
thank you for deleting the defamatory comments.

May 5, 2014 22:34

I would like to take some time to thanks all voters for voting, especially the ones from China. Xiexie, nimen shi pengyou!!! Without all of you, we would not be where we are today. Together we almost managed 12300 to date.
Wo ai Zhongguo!
Lucas + GoC

April 3, 2014 18:09

Thanks to all supporters for spreading the word! We managed to receive over 3000 votes thanks to all of you encouraging everybody to vote for the idea. I heard that some of our supporters will go to China after next week. We are looking forward to grow our supporter community!
Thanks again for spreading the word,
Lucas + GoC

March 28, 2014 17:27

I would like to thank new and fresh supporters from Spain!Through the joined promoting of our Germany- and Spain-based supporter teams, we were able to reach the number of over 2000 votes.
Muchas gracias, amigos!!!

March 19, 2014 20:16

Auf Deutsch möchte ich ganz besonders meiner Schule mein Dankeschön ausrichten. Namentlich zu nennen sind der Schuldirektor Herr Fath und sein Stellvertreter Herr Gnandt, die meine Gruppe und mir die Erlaubnis gegeben haben über ESIS unser Projekt bekannt zu machen. Ferner möchte ich mich bei allen involvierten und unterstützenden Lehrer, Schüler und Eltern bedanken.
Danke für alles!

March 19, 2014 20:06

Hi guys,
I just want to thank really important people now for their commitment and support. First of all I want thank all people supporting us and spreading the word in our Supporter Club. The supporter Club includes really engaged students from my school and supporters worldwide reached through social media. Without you guys the word would not have spread so fast. Then I really want to thank my school for their tremendous support. Especially the awareness raising through the school network was only possible with the support from the principal and his deputy. I also would like to thank all active students,their parents and the teachers at my school who have put a lot of effort into spreading our vision. At last I want to thank my fellow team members, who have been really working hard on the concept and making all this possible.
Everybody supporting this idea, thank you so much!!! Thanks for voting for GoC!!!