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Summary of your idea

BUSINESS DESCRIPTION: Handmade Water channels filtration systems Driving trend: Recycling and Solid Waste Management using an Eco- friendly product that reduce the presence of heavy metals in channels water. It acts as an absorptive surface upon which heavy metals and water channel pollutants rest on.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Advantages : - Cost effective Solution . - Enhancement of water quality passing through the agricultural lands. - Decrease of crop damage due to presence of heavy metals and polluting wastes present in the water channels. - The product will be manufactured by unemployed individuals ( Handicapped & Young Women) using minimal initial cost thus ensuring maximum revenue. *The complexity of executing this project is quite low since it requires minimal initial cost, physical effort and all what it requires is a good marketing strategy to maintain its growth once proved its efficiency.- Decreasing the rate of human diseases due to inadequate crops quality. Competition Advantages: - No competitors in this field since that idea will be initiated and applied by enactus SCU

Plans for implementation and sustainability

TARGET MARKET: - The Governorate of Ismailia authorities. - All Agricultural land owners in Ismailia (farmers) - The Arab Contractors Company's Agricultural Lands Sustainability ensuring factors: - The components of the handmade filtration systems is basically solid wastes. (Cost effective) - Once the products proves its efficiency the farmers and Land owners will automatically consider it as essential factor in their agriculture cycle.

Your profile

I'm Radwa Mahmood. A junior student at the faculty of Pharmacy of Suez Canal University, Egypt. I'm passionate about finding solutions, creating radical changes for people in need. Not through charity but by building them, leading and guiding them to be independent and in control of their future. To pass on all what I have learned/learning to all who needs it. My passion is apply business concepts to develop the community in every possible aspect. But there is this one passion that never fails to keep me "mind-occupied", I like call it : "Obsession of Ideas" . I like to think of new ideas - regardless it's type, shape them, re-shape them, look at it from different dimensions, discuss them, conduct them - publicly, test them, apply them ... I just can't stop my obsession about a certain idea unless it meets my expectation. To simply turn any idea to reality. I am Project Manager at Enactus Suez Canal Uni. & Head of the Presentation Team. I'm also the club leader of Aspire Woman SCU Club.

Stage of Idea

planning stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

environment, health, sustainable trade, empowerment of women, youth

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