BRIGHT FUTURE TO YOUTH(give self independent life to orphans and homeless who are more than 18 year

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Summary of your idea

THE AIM OF THIS IDEA . Is to give self independent and self reliance life to the children who turns 18 years old and above while still in the orphanage centers. Orphans and homeless children is one of the biggest burden in developing countries like Tanzania due to several reasons, especially death of the parents from HIV/AIDS and poor social economic status of the families they come from. Large number of children are left behind with no life and no one to support them, those who got lucky to be taken by the orphanage centers they end up in hard life after they turn 18 years old and find them self coming back to the street as robbers and other crime offenders, this is because the orphanage centers can only rise them up but they are not capable of giving them permanent homes or self independent life.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

This idea will save the life of this young generation who are the energetic and productive group. Crimes that result from hardships of life in this group of individuals will go away when we give better and independent life to these fellows. Economically this idea will make them participate fully in building stable economic status of the community and it will also allow them to even help others who are encountering the same problem in future.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

TALENT DEVELOPMENT I will go around several orphanage centers and look what this fellows have and their ability of doing such things,i will then form groups basing on the talent shown by each individual and give them all necessary things to develop their talents,for example i will buy musical instruments to those who will be doing musics and give them more training to develop their talents. For traditional dancing i will also provide them with needed materials for local dancing and advertise them so that they can be called in different activities. to those who wont fall under talent group i will train them in motor driving and employ them in one of my friend company as drivers,and others for their own choice i will train them for Automotive repair and maintenance in my fathers garage and employ them. through this skills they can get money that i will guide them to open a bank account for saving until they get enough money to start their own business that they will choose on their own. Initial finance to start this will be obtained by charity and fund rising also by seeking supports and partnership from friends especially those owning big Hotels in town and Big garages where this young fellows can also be employed. this program will go on and every young fellow that will be given life with this program has also to give life to others from orphanage centers ,there there will be an account that every successor from this program will have to deposit some amount of money that will be used to give life to others and also make this program sustainable.

Your profile

i am a third year student at catholic university of health and allied sciences-Bugando, doing my degree in Doctor of Medicine.0 i was born in 27/5/1991 in Kilema village, Moshi rural district in Kilimanjaro region. I did my ordinary level at Olaleni secondary school where i obtained my certificate of good performance as best science student especially in Biology, i did my advance level studies in Scolastica schools where i did physics, chemistry and biology, while in scholastica i was appointed as overall laboratory captain and as academic adviser of the school headmaster, from scolastica i performed well in my advance studies and i was among two students who were chosen to join medical school by Tanzania Commission of Universities from scolastica. i also learn computer application at University of Dar es salaam Computing center -Arusha branch where i got a certificate that show my competence in Microsoft office applications, i am also competent in SPSS and other computer applications. i also attended Vocational training on basic motor vehicle driving and maintenance where i obtained a certificate and a driving license. in 2011 i was one of team member in Nielsen Tanzania limited where we conducted research in fast consumed goods in Arusha region.

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