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Summary of your idea

The safety carrier initiative is an initiative thats aimed at providing local delivery system of items such as documents, goods, and providing or directing new comers or visitors to Yei municipality in South Sudan. Yei municipality is cosmopolitan city that brings all people in the ten state of South Sudan. In yei Municipality there is no delivery/or postal services in town. People largely depend of Boda-Boda which is highly risk in terms accident and theft cases. Not only that the Boda-Boda only provides local transport thus no delivery system in the whole city of nearly 1 million population. Therefore, the safety carrier services will provide safety delivery of of documents, goods, or personal belongings and directing or accompanying new comers, visitors or tourist to the city and nearby location in a more safe and secure way. Organizations, companies and private individual can send goods or items in the neighboring country or other parts of South Sudan directly to safety carrier and safety carrier will send goods or items at the door step or offices of respective companies or organization safe and at affordable fees. The main objective of this initiative is to; Provide employment opportunity for young people in Yei Municipality Providing cheap and safe delivery system of goods and other items Minimize risk of lost or theft cases and lose of people who come to Yei for the first time.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The impact of this initiative will benefit both the service provider and the client/Customers. The service providers/safety carrier employed youth, will be empowered to come up with their own different business initiative through mentoring and extending micro-loan from the revenues generated from the services for them to start up their business and refund the money through monthly remittance to safety carrier. This will sustain the operation of safety carrier. Secondly, there will be a routine employment of youth to safety carrier services in batches. The first batch will operate for a period of 6 months after establishing their own businesses through the micro-loan extended to them another batch will be employed and it will continues. In terms of sustainability, part of the revenue generated will be used for repairing the Motor Bikes as running cost and part of the saving will be used to extend micro-loan and procurement of additional Motorbikes to sustain the operation of safety carrier To the client/customer it will reduce cost of movement from one location to another since goods can be delivered to door steps by safety carrier. Not only that, this will minimize risk of losses and accident. Use revenue for repair Encourage employed youth to come up with their own business through mentoring Use profit to procure new bikes in case of ware and tare. Lastly, there will be proper record of finances through receipt and payment vouchers and Agreement and between employed youth and safety carrier.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

The safety carrier implementation involve the followings Identification of safety carrier services central point. The safety carrier central point will be located in the center of Yei city where goods and services can be delivered easily. The central point will also be close to the bus fare center, this will make it easy for people or organization to deliver goods to the center. Secondly people who come from other counties or parts of South Sudan can easily locate safety carrier. Secondly, there will be identification and training of young people. Young people at the age of 18-25 will be identified in each block of Yei municipality to be trained on; Entrepreneurship skills and financial management so that after being employed by safety carrier and extension of micro-loan by safety carrier they can be able to start up the own business and manage them very well. The identified youth will also be trained on how to ride Motor Bikes and obtain riding license from the traffic police this will minimize the risk of accident and effective service delivery. Lastly, 10 Motor bikes will be procured to start the real implementation of the safety carrier services and be insured in the near by insurance company office in case of accident or theft the insurance company will compensate safety carrier, Hence, the Motor Bikes will be used for delivering goods and services within Yei Municipality.

Your profile

My Name is Aloro Butrus Joseph, am 28 and a South Sudanese. I work for CEFoRD a non-profit making organization operating in Central Equatoria state South Sudan. Working with Youth in Yei Municipality for the last three years has motivated me to empower youth socially and economically. In Yei Municipality, 60% of the unskilled Youth are unemployed and often get life difficult in the City. Though some of them have picked Boda-Boda business, (local transportation of people) the youth still face numerous challenges from the owner of the Motorbikes. this includes compensation in case of theft, improper financial management and agreement between the Boda and the Motobike owner. and this has left many of them unemployed. After seeing the pontential in them, it has motivated me to come up with this initiative to empower them economically so that they can come up with sustainable businesses. Three years of working experience with young people, capacity building trainings on how to implement and monitor a project and skills obtained through on job coaching will lead to proper management and implementation of the initiative. I have successfully led two projects in 6 different communities empowering Children and young people to claim for their rights and voice out issues affecting their well-being. In the end it has resulted to improved relationship between children, parents and community leaders. Therefore, am very optimistic that I will accomplish my initiative and reach my intended objectives given my skills and experience in implementing projects.

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage, planning stage, start-up stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

poverty reduction, sustainable trade, empowerment of women, youth

Aloro Butrus Giving a speech on the importance of empowering girls

Aloro Butrus Overseeing a training process for Youth on governance and Effects of dependency.

Aloro Butrus-Helping Laina in Evaluating a project (Culture of peace and non-Violence)

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