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Published on March 19, 2014 um 16:19

Summary of your idea

The idea is the utilization of the emerging 3D printing technology to fabricate various consumer products in fashion, household furniture, technological parts, and even biological and culinary fields. The activities would involve fabricating products through 3D printing, provision of a medium for individuals to order custom made products through our website, and shipping and delivery of these products to individuals. Our innovative approach will be to provide bespoke services to our clients thus providing them an avenue to create and feel anything they can imagine i.e concepts, ideas, blueprints etc. through the use of 3D printing technology.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Our major target would be the introduction and widespread acceptance of the 3D printing technology by Sub-saharan Africa and Nigeria at large, also we are aiming to be the largest provider of 3D printing services in Africa and Other Emerging Markets. In this way we can contribute to the rapid industrialization of these economies by providing a new, efficient and cost-effective production technique that would also contribute immensely to national income and employment generation. Also since newer applications are being discovered for the 3D printing process, it can also be extended to health and fabricating organs for transplants, and in food for creating edible substances to eat. This would go a long way to improving the health of individuals and increasing food security. Our measures to evaluate success are: 1) Client base/Market Share: Since we are the only provider of this service in the whole of Nigeria and Africa, this would serve as an indicator to the general acceptance and perception of our business and idea to consumers, and the higher it is , the more the business activity we execute. 2) Revenue and Profit: Our revenue and profit figures would also be used to evaluate the extent to which we are growing and we receive patronage and orders from our client base around the world.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

1) Business Model: Our business model is a limited liability (corporation) that would operate like an internet start-up, thus we will have a strong presence on the internet and would set up physical locations (offices and stores) where people can pick up their orders. 2) Financing Source: Since we are currently in the planning stage, we are still prospecting possible financing options such as grants from the government and equity investment from venture capitalists etc. 3) Collaborators: we currently do not have any collaborators at the time, but are looking to get in the nearest future.

Your profile

My Name is IFECHI-FRED Nnamdi, i am from Nigeria and graduate of economics from Covenant University. The motivation for this project stemmed from the emergence of the 3D printing technology and the desire to adopt the technology and make it available to the citizens of my country and continent at large, thus the idea was conceived and developed. I am a creative and innovative individual, with the ability to adapt to diverse situations, i have an understanding of finance, and an eagerness to learn as much as i can, i have also started various small business ventures and have valuable experience, and i believe all this would contribute to my success.

Stage of Idea

planning stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

health, food security, poverty reduction, sustainable trade, youth

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