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Published on March 23, 2014 um 19:59

Summary of your idea

The scope of the enterprise idea does not claim supremacy in proffering solution to the food crisis in Nigeria and Africa, but it will reduce its occurrence as it takes a dive into food crops and cash crops production. Over the years, the country has drifted from agriculture into mineral exploration but this mineral exploration may not be sustainable in the future, hence the need to go back to agriculture. The objectives of the farm would include; provision of food for people by using the lowest cost of production possible and optimizing profits, it aims at job creation for both skilled and unskilled labour, and mostly the use of organic manure so as to be friendly to the environment. The farm wishes to accomplish the above mentioned objectives by basically carrying out crop production and animal husbandry. These crops are to comprise of the commonly cultivated food and cash crops with local and international markets. And the farm will be sited along one of the notable rivers in Kogi-Easr, Kogi State, Nigeria; the Ofu River. Sitting a farm close to a river sources has numerous advantages amongst which are; the practice of irrigation, using the river as a pond for fishes, the constant use of water from the river for various domestic chores on the farm ranging from washing of implements to drinking. Notable enough, this idea is to be among the privileged few farms in the state as no such irrigated farms are found in the region. With the use of irrigation, it provides the opportunity for food to be available all year round. The enterprise provides a recreational and educative excursion programs for students to come and learn some techniques and see improvements in the agricultural field.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Agriculture is a major player in sustainable development as can be seen from countries like America and China. With cash crop production, one could venture into processing of some of these food crops, for example the production of wheat into flour at affordable prices and with this, there could be a change from just production into food processing. With this addition, more labour would be employed giving rise to additional job creation and subsequently rise in the standard of living along the region. With the farm sited in a rural area, it will encourage a draw-back of people from the urban centres to the rural area and this could lead to the development of such areas. Agriculture is the basic foundation for all sustainable development, as all industrial development cannot do without agriculture. Success could be measured in terms of the readily availability of products to consumers nationwide and worldwide. A simple tool to be used is to always keep a farm record which keeps the inventories of the farm to know the income and expenses and then determine the profit. With such development of the said rural area, a lot of other economic activities can start around there, such as commercial banks, hospitals and even schools alongside some infrastrucuteal amenities like good accessible roads, good and clean water to drink. No doubt the surest way to any sustainable development has to start from food security.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Land is one of the major factors to be considered alongside capital. In Nigeria, there are many ways of acquiring land. The idea is to buy the land of an estimate of at least 5km (i.e 5000m), having in mind plans for future expansion and development. At the kick-off stage, the business/farm is to be managed by the founder with the help of some unskilled and skilled labourers and all the phases of production shall involve the use of machines to be hired at affordable rate until the farm can obtain some of the machines. The farm shall start on a small-scale so as to be manageable and monitored efficiently. An estimate of about 2km (i.e. 2000m) shall be used for the start-off with the right proportion for each of the crops to be produced and the workforce shall consists majorly of the elderly and youths during the production stage and more of the women in the post production activities. A major player in this idea is capital and without capital or finance. As of the time of this idea, the source of finance is yet to be ascertain, as I am still a student in my final year but determined to make this idea a dream come through, as I believe in the words of Einstein that Imagination is greater than education. As of now no major collaborators but the target for the future is to collaborate with banks and the government, it is just an idea in its conceptual state of planning and has not starts its operation. With adequate and good personnel, I believe that the farm if started will be profitable and sustainable and the procurement of seeds and seedlings shall be from certified agricultural institutes in the country to foster good yield.

Your profile

ATULUKWU SUNDAY IDENYI is an undergraduate student in Kogi State University (KSU); one of the universities in Nigeria, studying Agriculture. Growing up in an agrarian community of Idah in Kogi State made me to go into agriculture in a better and more efficient way than the way it was. With this zeal, I am currently studying agriculture with an option in Crop Production in the university and almost finishing my course of study (final year) and equally carried out the compulsory Students Industrial Working Experience Scheme organized by the country. With an objective mind and goal oriented vision, I strive to be among the best in whatever I do and a great competitor. For this zeal I have for agriculture, I have been to some conferences on agriculture and its impact on development. Notable enough, I am a member of the International Association of Students in Agriculture and related Sciences (IAAS) and the Director of Logistics, IAAS, KSU Local committee. I am equally and active member of the Nigerian Association of Agricultural Students, KSU chapter. Due to this passion of sustainable development through agriculture, I was at the 2013, African Directors Meeting of IAAS with the theme: Lets unleash the potential of the African family farming for a sovereign food supply and sustainable territorial development, held in Yamoussoukro and Zambakro, Cote DIvoire. I wish to change peoples view and perception of agriculture. It sure entails hardwork but no doubt hardwork towards a creative and sustainable goal brings forth success.

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

peace-building , food security, poverty reduction, elderly, cultural diversity , empowerment of women, youth

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