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Summary of your idea

Agrocentral is Jamaica's first digital agricultural clearing house utilizing Web to SMS/SMS to Web technology to connect small farmers and businesses. Through Agrocentral businesses will have the ability to source large amounts of crops directly from farmers and farmers will be able to sell their available produce directly to businesses. Agrocentral facilitates effective linkages among farmers and businesses. Agrocentral operates on a database structured to hold complete profiles, on both farmers and businesses. Farmer profiles include farm location, crops grown, supply capability and cell phone contacts. For businesses, profiles include business location, products requires and ease of transaction. This information along with our two way sms portal allows for efficient communication of market information allowing for commerce. One of the capabilities of the platform is the ability to synchronize with modules developed on this platform using APIs. With our search and query facility users will find the locations of farmers, buyers, prevailing crop prices and data on diseases and weather conditions. This information will allow farmers and businesses to develop business relations with ease by removing some of the noise within the market

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Agocentral aims to bridge the communication gap between businesses and farmers allowing for trade and commerce. Essentially agrocentral removes the middle man from the process by communicating market needs to farmers and available produce to businesses in turn this allows business to source large amounts of agricultural produce at the farm gate price saving both time and money while the farmer get more value for his crop therefore increasing his margins. The current process of a middle man which buys low and sells high makes a profit margin of 15% and over.Project Agro approaches Agrocentral not only as a business but as a social enterprise. Agrocentral has the potential to have a major impact on the lives of farmers in Jamaica and other countries. Agrocentral intends to lessen the learning curve for new farmers, encourage young persons to go into the agricultural sector, both these activities will help with the major youth unemployment problem in Jamaica. With Agrocentral as a medium to market their goods farmers can increase production and in turn increase their revenue and profits exponentially.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Agrocentral plans to expand using our sustainable subscription based business model with multiple revenue streams. Our revenue sources will include: Paid subscriptions (for both farmers and businesses, SMS marketing for companies (Agribusiness, loan entities, PC banks etc.,selling data to agricultural stakeholders and an escrow service (*2% of transaction. We are currently using personal finances and are actively seeking grant funding. We plan to expand into new markets every year for the next 3 years.

Your profile

Jermaine Henry has 2 years experience as a business development and an IT consultancy(specializing in monetization). He has been a long active member of Club Billionaire(ScotiaBank's Student Entrepreneurship Club) and has also received an award for 3rd place in their micro-enterprise competition in 2012. Jermaine is also project lead/CEO of Project Agro which was the winner of Jamaica's first startup weekend hosted by Connectimass in Kingston, Jamaica.

Stage of Idea

start-up stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

food security, poverty reduction, sustainable trade, empowerment of women, youth




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Nice project for food security

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Very good idea and in the serious context of food security, very much needed. Good luck.