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Summary of your idea

My idea is to establish an environmental protection initiative at the same time doing tourism marketing and conservation and creating jobs for the youth.I will be doing Tourism marketing business responsible for bringing conservation of natural resources,advertising tourism sites through a professional website and growing it to create a Television station to facilitate the project.Also market young enterpreneurs connected to tourism and arts{basketry,drawing,paintings etc}.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

This is targeting all people from different ages and races.It is a way of bringing beauty of creation alive to local and international tourists.I have realised that many people dont know much about tourism and environmental conservation and no employment so i came up with this ideaa to do job creation .It will be a environmentally friendly and help advertise tourism as a result natural resources will be conserved and balance the ecosystem on top of that benefiting locals,and international community and revenue for the country.Success of the project will be visible from increased interests of environment protection,tourism and job creations.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

It will be an environment conservation initiative ,TOURISM MARKETING AND CONSULTANCY and also a job creation scheme youth and locals as in consultancies and marketing their self made products to tourists through our professionaly run website and Television during course of the growth.will be partnering with companies of Tourism conservation locally and internationally to alert about conservation .The project will help finance in first phases by savings and on course with youth funds to grow project.,

Your profile

OTENG DOMINIC O CHERE is a young motswana man of 21 years.born and bred in BOTSWANA in southern Africa..I have the love and passion to be the change that i want to see in rising and contributing in the world from developing countries.i am currently training as an AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE ENGINEER.And i am passionate with business and new challenges as i was participating in the JUNIOR ACHIEVEMENT BOTSWANA{JAB},the arm of JUNIOR ACHIEVEMENT WORLDWIDE which is the initiative to help youth participate and come up with ideas and come up with real products and i was among finalists in 2011 and 2012.

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage, planning stage, start-up stage , idea offered for implementation by others

Your idea has a positive impact on

peace-building , environment, education, sustainable energy, food security, poverty reduction, cultural diversity

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