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Summary of your idea

Mexico is one of the many countries in the developing world who´s government is not able to comply with basic necessities, such as public health, education, hunger, sustainability, among others. Several small nonprofit organizations in the communities are practically ignored. This lack of attention makes their task more titanic than it really is. If the NGOs are invisible, so are their donations. www.ihelp.org is a website that gives recognition to donors of nonprofit organizations through a special distinction. People love to brag about helping others, so they will publicize the organizations they helped at every chance. The webpage contains information about the work that registered NGOs are doing. You can choose an organization to help by giving a donation, automatically getting a phone strap through mail. With the name of the organization printed on the strap, the donor will be able to talk about it and their work, preaching with their colleagues, family, and crowd on the bus. Instantly, the party they are bragging at will want to feel a better person as well, and will check out www.ihelp.org ASAP. This is a proven to work scheme. Armstrong made it happen through yellow wristbands. Some try to revive it selling watches, yet the problem they have not foreseen is that not everyone actually likes to wear those watches, so they may get one only to help, but never really talk about it. Plus, Watches are expensive and delicate so require special handling. The strap is a relatively cheap item that can be shipped through mail on a regular envelope, it does not require any special handling, this item fits all kinds of phones, no sizes or wearing needed, plus people use their phones all the time, everywhere.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Target: every user of a smartphone, ipod/mp3, or e-reader in the world. Impact: This will give work to several people in many countries, because as the demand starts to grow, several factories as well as distribution points will be needed. Not to mention that the donations will allow the organizations to focus on their goal. Outsourcing Publicity An option to obtain the biggest diffusion possible is to include well known for profit companies. Socially responsible companies will make the best candidates because they can afford expensive publicity campaigns without jeopardizing the confidence of the people in the project. The benefit of the company is the great publicity it will get. Several companies already donate part of their profits to good causes because it helps them to sell more products. Outsourcing Financing Including this type of companies will not only make the publicity campaign process easier and more successful. The companies could also be asked to donate the items so the organizations get the most money as possible. The donating companies will be able to deduct taxes, and they can share the publicity Greeting Cards, For a Cause A variant of this business model, is an online catalogue of greeting cards, Make it yourself. The sender visits ihelp.org, chooses from a variety of images, colors, messages, more importantly an NGO to help. He makes a donation to the cause he likes the best, and then the greeted person receives the phone strap packed inside a greeting card that the user created on the website.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

A website called ihelp.org is created The NGOs and nonprofit organizations register online and feed the website with as many reports and pictures of their work as they want. Straps are printed with the names of the organizations that want to participate. A postcard with their information will be also sent to the donor along with the strap. There is a factory in USA that makes these straps, and several new strap factories could be established on the communities where the help is most needed. The price of the strap will be paid to the manufacturer and the rest of the donation will be deposited directly to the organization´s bank account. A small commission will be charged by ihelp.org for each item sent to the donor. I already have a graphic design project for the website, and a company willing to make it in exchange of shares on the company. The domain name is for sale. I personally have a large stock of straps to begin with, plus I´m familiarized with the importing process of these goods. Correos de Mexico, the Mexican National Post System will be in charge of the worldwide distribution of the straps. For an extra fee, the item can be sent through private shipping companies such as Fedex, UPS or others. This project has better ways to distribute its product than the competence, which sell it in stores, it has the advantage that the person does not have to wear it -Don´t quit wearing your Rolex. It goes on the phone, and the phone goes everywhere.

Your profile

I studied law at University of Guadalajara, I got a scholarship and went on exchange to University of Washington, Law School, in Seattle, USA. The winter and spring quarters I spent there changed my life, being able to see how things are done in other countries is totally a life experience. Later I went to New York and volunteered at a non for profit legal office for that summer. When I was in USA I was surprised by the support of average people to noble causes and charity. We do not have the same donation culture in Mexico, besides the tithe at church, only the wealthy contribute to good causes and charity. I also realized about the business opportunities between Mexico and the US, so I started exporting mariachi suits and importing a strap for the phone. But an idea occurred to me: what if instead of giving the profit to a store, I give the profit to non for profit organizations. They really need that money, and to help others will help me. If people can be productive, they will be able to buy more things, from me or anyone. So I remembered the wristbands, and how successful they were, I discovered there are people selling watches, and I thought: if they are doing it. I can do it. And by analyzing their projects and experience I came up this plan, which I consider is going pretty good so far. I love art, specially painting, yet I am the son of a lawyer and a business owner, so being an entrepreneur is the natural way for me to follow. I really believe in my idea, and hopefully its simplicity will let me make it happen.

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage, planning stage, start-up stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

peace-building , environment, education, health, sustainable energy, food security, poverty reduction, elderly, sustainable trade, empowerment of women, youth, other:

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I think that an idea that can generate a new bussines (Jobs for people, benefit the economy, capital investment), that will give funds by selling a low cost item with high margins for nonprofitable organizations (several altruistic organizations that serve different excellent causes) and that gives people an ergonomic functional item that at the same time is onmovement publicity for these companies (worldfriendly green-publicity that can eliminate a lot of polution waste created by other kind of publicity methods), is worth of promoting and supporting its implementation, as it benefits several areas and people among different countries.

These are the kind of ideas, that we need to bring into the publicity world and economy increase projects. It is amazing the creativity of our youth, lets keep helping and encouraging young guys like these to create new work oportunities and worldwide benefits for humanity.