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Summary of your idea

This simple idea came when i saw a lot of graffiti in one corner of the city, very artistic and creative. Although,sometimes it gets ridicule because of misplaced. Contrarily, in some other corner of the city, there are shabby, hungry for color and monochrome. In this community, we use the power of young people who have the creativity and feeling "out of control" to give color in the corner of the city. In this community, we are not talking about what does your city offer to you but what you have given to your city.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Giving the media to young people who have a high level of creativity and growing a sense of love for their city. The community will also give a character to the corner of the city itself. In this community we will revive the beauty of the town and the social community,you can create as comfortable and beautiful as you want.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Later this community will provide a suggestion box that will be deployed throughout the city to find out the aspirations of the people. From this aspiration, the community core will schedule(monthly) which corner will be painted/renovated. Each project will be handled by a representative of the core members and volunteers which are taken each month. Costs issued can be obtained from local residents as well as donors or seek help from sponsor. This activity is not focused on the nominal money but creativity so that members put a creative outlook to produce a masterpiece with the amount of money that is not too much. The organizers and volunteers will be in collaboration with young people around the city to realize their Dream City.

Your profile

My name is Tiara Kartika,i'm 20 years old and currently taking my bachelor degree in architecture. I am interested to youth power and likely become a crew in some youth annual festivals. Glad to learn and search for new things that sometimes strange.

Stage of Idea

planning stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

environment, education, cultural diversity , youth

Me (Sit with dark jeans and grey veil) Street campaign for people with dissabilty issues to make Surabaya become more livable city.

City tour with crew. we are looking for past (60years ago) design who was designed by youth at that time.

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